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Your Sales With Artificial Intelligence Without Paid Software

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Your Sales With Artificial Intelligence Without Paid Software

In this article, Raphaël Hubain, Data Scientist and author of the machinelinguist blog, gives us good news: any web entrepreneur today can use artificial intelligence, without being an expert. The author then presents a concrete use case of AI in e-commerce: sentiment analysis. Finally, he shares a Python code with us so that you can exploit the potential of artificial intelligence tomorrow. I bet this article, which reads like a story, is going to be of interest to you. In this article, you will learn how artificial intelligence became accessible, and why you should use it on a daily basis. Then, we will show how sentiment analysis can increase your sales by improving the positioning of our product or service.

The code in Python will be Switzerland WhatsApp Number List so that you can try to replicate this at home. Why is this article relevant to you? Web entrepreneurs are generally resourceful people. They touch everything. They do not hesitate to configure their WordPress or their Shopify ; they design visualizations in Photoshop or analyze the data of their activities in Excel. They have learned to recognize and overcome most of their limiting beliefs. Yet one perception holds back the potential of many of us. This mental blockage consists in saying to oneself: “artificial intelligence, I am not able to use it”. And I am not talking here about developing complex software, because it does indeed require experience and a lot of time.

Why Is This Article Relevant to You? Web Entrepreneurs Are Generally Resourceful People

I am referring to writing simple scripts, which can add a lot of value to your daily work. Because, basically, you can write these pieces of code, the same way you use formulas in an Excel or Google Sheet . You are able to use these technologies. And this article will demonstrate it to you. Because coding a few lines is no more difficult than mastering the office software used by entrepreneurs every day. But I’m not going to list all the situations where artificial intelligence can bring you value. Because the examples are too numerous and the enumeration would never end. Rather, we will focus on a concrete case and apply it from start to finish. You’ll see. How can artificial intelligence improve your sales?


In this article, I want to introduce you to some surprising technology. We are going to talk about a very simple method which nevertheless brings a lot of value. This technique is arousing more and more interest: Google searches for it are increasing every year – see illustration. This technology is sentiment analysis. These are algorithms that detect the opinion of texts. It’s like a thermometer that measures a negative temperature when a message expresses anger or disappointment, and positive when something evokes joy or gratitude. Figure 1 – Trends for Sentiment Analysis Research Sentiment analysis helps increase your sales. But how ? This technology emerged at the same time as the growth in the use of social networks.

Google Searches for It Are Increasing Every Year – See Illustration.

And it allows you to automatically sort and extract information from these billions of publications. Because understanding people’s opinions on certain issues helps to make good decisions. But that probably still seems a bit hazy at the moment. And that’s normal, everything will be clearer when we have seen a concrete example. In a few minutes you will understand how it works and you can do it yourself. Subscribe to the La Fabrique du Net monthly Registration Watch this YouTube video to understand in detail the issues around this technology In this video, we explain in detail how surprisingly sentiment analysis algorithms work. We also present the privacy issues that you don’t expect.

Do not hesitate to have a look. But let’s come back to our concrete case. Here’s how to analyze competing products Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of an entrepreneur who sells camera tripods. And let’s say we’re about to design a new product that is small and easy to carry. We research the features of our tripod and anticipate our business arguments on our Amazon or Shopify store. At this point, the challenge is to know our potential customers: what they like or dislike about this type of merchandise. We want to analyze a competing item: the Joby tripod. The product sells a lot and it gets a lot of reviews on Amazon. The upside is that if we can take them all into account, we would have a wealth of information.

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