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You Must Not Only Distribute The Financial Budget,

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You Must Not Only Distribute The Financial Budget,

You have succeeded in making your website creation project a reality, bravo! But without a solid communication plan to support its launch, your customers and prospects will not be aware of your project. To help you in this process, we have designed a communication plan template to help you determine your strategy, allocate your budget and your team’s efforts. Also in our resource you will find a list of blogs, media, directories and forums to save you time. communication planning DOWNLOAD OUR RESOURCE COMMUNICATION PLAN – WEBSITE LAUNCH Summary :

Define the Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List of your communication plan Distribute your human resources to prepare your communication plan Organize your communication planning Our blogs / media / forums / directories lists to save you time Download our resource Communication Plan – Website launch Define the strategy of your communication plan The first step is to establish the strategy you are going to adopt. Concretely, you must therefore determine the means you are going to take to achieve your goals. To structure your thinking, ask yourself two questions: What budget are you prepared to invest?

To help you in this process, we have designed a communication plan template

How to distribute this budget / human time over the different promotion channels / levers? Depending on your activity and especially your target audience, you will have to prioritize certain channels. Our resource lists the communication channels and levers that will interest you as well as the main expenditure items to be expected for each of them: Press relations – This is all the actions carried out for the press and journalists in order to obtain favorable coverage for the launch of your website. Here, we have integrated 5,000 € annually for the rental of a database of journalists to whom you can announce the creation of your site and the benefits of your product or service.


Digital advertising – We are talking here about sponsored publications on social networks and Google Adwords to appear in priority in Google search results. We have allocated a budget for Facebook but we could have added Instagram and even LinkedIn if you are in B2B. Offline advertising – “traditional” communication channels. Referral Marketing – “ Recommendation marketing ” in French is a digital marketing strategy that consists of referencing your activity to key players in the sector. This therefore takes the form of writing guest articles on reference sites for your activity, for example, or registering in your corporation’s directories.

his is all the actions carried out for the press and journalists in order to obtain favorable

Social Networks Animation – Impossible to ignore this part today, your social networks must be alive in order to create and engage your community on your various accounts. The size of your budget has an impact on strategic choices, on the chosen channel mix. Typically, it takes a good budget to advertise TV / Radio. In our resource, we offer a “Settings” tab that allows you to set your strategic choices and determine the budget to be allocated for each lever / channel. com plan website settings Once you have completed the Settings tab, you can view your budget breakdown from the “Budget breakdown” tab. This tab is not editable.

It allows you to view the budget over the year and month by month. budget breakdown You can go back and forth between the two tabs to best adjust the investment of resources on the different channels. Distribute your human resources to prepare your communication plan Now that you have a better idea of ​​the channels you will use to reach your target audience as well as the budget you will allocate to these different levers, you need to think about the human resources that this will involve. Indeed, you will not be able to do everything on your own, you will run out of time and, certainly, of skills on certain aspects of digital communication. Once again, we have thought of you: for each item of expenditure, we have associated a number of days per year.

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