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Writing a Professional Email Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

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Writing a Professional Email Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Professional email is the preferred means of communication in business. It is used both internally and between potential partners of different companies. We can send dozens, if not hundreds, of emails daily, and receive many more. But too often, your email goes by the wayside. In this case, your recipient does not read it to the end, or even does not open it. And without an answer, you don’t know what could have been wrong. In fact, writing an effective professional email is an exercise, an art. You can always do better to reach your future customers and employees. So here are our tips and mistakes to avoid when writing your emails! Summary 12 tips for writing a professional email 7 mistakes to avoid to write a successful

professional email 12 Vietnam WhatsApp Number List for writing a professional email # 1 Prepare your approach To write a professional email, you need a reason. To get started, clearly list your needs, requests and offers on a draft. Often, our exchanges are of a give-and-take nature. Try to come up with a common goal to share between you and the contact person. If your needs are important, establish an exchange relationship between collaborators: compare your needs and your proposals to the prospect. For example, your low-cost marketing solution against a customer contact file. # 2 Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes An email can say a lot of things about the person sending it.

To Get Started, Clearly List Your Needs, Requests and Offers on a Draft.

It is first and foremost the expression of a personality. Like any human message, your email is subject to interpretation. So you want to elicit a positive response from your recipient. So put yourself in his place. What reaction do you have as you go through what you write? Check out 15 examples of high-level prospecting emails . # 3 be clear and concise There is nothing more unpleasant for the other person than to see a block of text jump in their eyes. Keep it short, whether it’s in your words, sentences or paragraphs. A text that breathes is a sign of respect for the time of your interlocutor. To write your professional email well, go to the essentials, and remember to air your text well.


The reason for your request will be all the more legible and therefore more acceptable. write mail professional hands # 4 limit fonts You don’t want to distract the other person from your request. Using fonts that are too varied will give the impression that you are trying to deceive or entertain your recipient. Include a maximum of two different fonts, and in a similar style. # 5 Make words bold You can also make important information bold. This is very useful for the readability of your email and it gives it strength. It is especially useful to highlight the numbers. But always use this trick in moderation. Finally, ban all caps: they make you look like you’re angry or screaming. # 6 Choose your object carefully The object is the first thing your prospect will see.

Write Mail Professional Hands  4 Limit Fonts You Don’t Want to Distract the Other Person From Your Request

It is decisive in deciding whether your email will hit the mark or fall back into internet limbo. This is the sinews of war for e-mailing! Choose a clear and concise subject. Adapt to your prospect. Mention the name of your company or service and a clear element summarizing your approach. Use the “you” to appeal to your recipient. Do not hesitate to use his first name. Example: “[Name of your company or department] Jérôme, here is a solution for your cash management”. Or “Jean, our mailing application will change your daily life. So you try to connect your offer with the potential needs of your prospect. # 7 Fill in the copy box Have you included a copy of your email? You can do this with the CC box, and make a hidden copy to the different interlocutors with the CCI box.

With the latter option, you will be able to forward your email to other people on your team without your contact knowing. # 8 Make sure you have the right recipient write mail professional hands 2You are targeting the right company but you are getting the wrong contact. Be careful, it can be very annoying for a salesperson to receive an email that is not intended for him. If your proposal doesn’t exactly match their profile, your email is likely to end up in the trash. You want to be sure that you are hitting the right profile within the target company. For example, the head of the marketing department, or the person in charge of a file that concerns you. Check out LinkedIn or

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