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With The Amazon Partners Club, You Benefit From Commissions

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With The Amazon Partners Club, You Benefit From Commissions

At this step, you enter your personal and legal information. You will enter your full contact details there. List the sites and applications where you are going to insert your links You will enter here all the addresses of your websites and applications on which you plan to apply your affiliate links. Refine your partner profile information Finally, you must indicate here the information related to your profile on the Amazon Partner Club platform. – Start Using Your Affiliate Links It’s over, all you have to do is choose your first affiliate links, and integrate them on your websites. , see our detailed article on the subject.

What percentage of  Bolivia WhatsApp Number List  does Amazon offer? Amazon offers one of the most advantageous pay schedules on the market. With the Amazon Partners Club, you benefit from commissions, the rate of which varies from 3 to 10% depending on the type of products that your visitors will buy. You will not receive the same percentage on clothing sales as if you sell High Tech devices. You will therefore have to choose carefully the products that you want to recommend to your audience, in order to ensure that the amount of your income will be satisfactory.

List the sites and applications where you are going to insert your links

This choice should depend on the expectations of your visitors. Ideally, they should be likely to be interested in the products you offer, and they should click on your links with the intention of making the purchase. You will also have to choose the product category that you think is the most interesting in terms of commission rate. The quantity of items that can be sold, the selling price, and the commission percentage are the basics you will use in selecting your affiliate links. Hopefully, if your visitors take the time to browse Amazon before submitting their order, and if they ultimately decide to purchase other products, you will be paid on your customer’s entire cart,


depending on of the following grid: 3% Computer and electronic equipment, video games, large household appliances and kindle 5% Toys, games, cooking, DIY, devices for health and hygiene, childcare, pet store, Wines, beers and spirits, games and software to download 7% Books and E-books, Sports and Leisure, Automotive and Home 10% Clothing, shoes, accessories, leather goods, jewelry and beauty 3% On all unclassified products and on Amazon Prime subscriptions Amazon also regularly launches promotional operations with temporarily higher remuneration on certain categories of products. This allows you to boost your income from time to time, while offering special offers to your audience, and boosting your content.

Wines, beers and spirits, games and software to download 7% Books and E-books, Sports and Leisure,

Check out our article on the 10 best affiliate marketing platforms . Our opinion on the Amazon Partners Club In general, the Amazon Partners Club is a good way to supplement the income linked to your website. It is very easy and quick to set up. You benefit from the reliability of Amazon: your visitors probably already know the platform and know that they have serious customer service in case of problems with their orders, and on your side you are sure to receive the commissions that are due to you. There are, however, some limitations to this concept. Here are the pros and cons of the Amazon Partner Club:

Difficult anticipation of income related to affiliation because of variations in commission rates and the possibility of being remunerated on products other than those put forward Need to properly manage the visibility of your website Legal and commercial obligations to be respected (creation of legal notices, mention of your affiliation with Amazon, guarantee of the protection of the privacy of your users …) It is certain that Amazon is not the only possibility of forging partnerships to make your website profitable, but it is an option that is worth a look and that can provide you with significant additional resources.

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