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Why is neuromarketing essential in digital marketing applications?

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Why is neuromarketing essential in digital marketing applications?

The increasing development that digital marketing has experienced in recent years, has turned digital environments into places where there is fierce competition for companies.We are at a time when all users have at their disposal an unlimited amount of information about a product and / or service that may interest them. Access to brands is so easy that anyone can comment on a brand or a product, reaching millions of people with their message.Companies need to build a corporate brand image that is solid and differentiates itself from such brutal competition. The user experience needs to go a step beyond offering a product / service quality that meets customer expectations.Today I want to talk to you about neuromarketing, a science that has managed to understand the buying behavior of users by adapting digital marketing techniques to the new scenario in decision-making.We will also see the different types of neuromarketing that we can find, and I will show you some examples that will help you understand how you can improve the relationship you have with your customers and their shopping experience.What is neuromarketing and how will it help you to better connect with your customers?Neuromarketing is a technique that studies the advertising impact that occurs on users before a digital marketing campaign . That is, thanks to neuromarketing you can know the reactions of the brain of your customers before, during and after implementing any digital marketing strategy .It is based on neuroscience which, in turn, studies the behavior of the human brain. Therefore, neuromarketing allows you to access people’s unaware reactions .In order to predict the behavior of the brain, the main objective of neuromarketing is none other than to know how users think so that you can convert them into potential customers of your Sweden Phone Number List.This helps you a lot when it comes to improving your products, the packaging, the services you offer and even the way in which you should advertise them. And it is that the data that neuromarketing dumps provide you with very precise information about the stimuli that users value , in general, and your potential customers, in particular.The behavior of the brain before the purchase decision I do not intend to give you any psychology lesson in this article, but I do consider it important to talk to you about how the human brain acts and behaves before making the decision to purchase any product and / or service.Thanks to the theory of the three brains discovered by the doctor and neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean in 1952, today we know that our brain is divided into three very different areas that complement each other when making any decision.There is the cortex brain, which is the most rational of all, the limbic brain, which is carried away by emotions, and the reptilian brain, which is where the most elementary decisions for the survival of the human being are made.The connection that you can establish with these three brains of your potential customers and users, in general, will be the key to success in the loyalty of your customers and the creation of a solid brand ready to compete in the market .For this reason, neuromarketing tries to connect brands with users through stimuli that provoke those physical and sensory responses that give you clues as to why they like your product, your service, your brand so much, or not so much, in short. .Basically, you must be clear that the greatest weight in the purchase decision is on the most emotional part of the people.

The rapid evolution that the digital world is experiencing, and the constant advancement of technology, has left out of the game the most important piece of the puzzle, the human side.With the application of neuromarketing, digital marketing is able to implement techniques with a significant emotional dose that improve sales results in companies.When you decide to implement this strategy, your brand enjoys these benefits:Create closer links with users : approaching potential customers through strategies that facilitate win to win, it manages to establish consolidated links between the brand and people.Increase engagement and loyalty towards the brand : the connection that neuromarketing achieves between the values ​​of the users and the company itself awakens the more human side. This translates into greater brand consolidation, with increasingly loyal customers.Make a difference with respect to competitors : doing things in a different way than your competition does, will always be positive for your potential customers. Your brand will be remembered very easily in the minds of users.Positive emotions connect better with your audience : empathy with the needs of your potential customers, along with positive emotions, can only give favorable results. Users are infected with that positive thinking and will always remember your brand with a pleasant feeling of well-being. Neuromarketing, understood as the science that studies user behavior, has become an essential tool in market research . Depending on the objective you are looking for, we can find these two types of neuromarketing.1. Consumer neuroscience Also called theoretical neuromarketing, consumer neuroscience tries to better understand consumer behavior . It answers generic questions such as how do users make purchasing decisions? or what role do emotions play in making decisions when buying a product or service?On many occasions, customer neuroscience is used to study how the senses affect consumer behavior . Visual neuromarketing has been shown to be very effective; images reach the brain earlier and advertising messages help the user to take action earlier.You can also try to implement an auditory, olfactory neuromarketing strategy, etc. Without a doubt, the results are very interesting.2. Neuroresearch This type of neuromarketing answers much more specific questions about brands and their products / services. And it is that the neuroresearch is in charge of evaluating the emotions that any emotional marketing strategy causes .When you need to answer questions like, will I be able to convey the attributes I want for my brand with this advertising campaign? Or will this packaging attract my clients better than this other? Then you should make use of applied neuromarketing, or neuroresearch.In other words, based on these specific experiences that you want to evaluate (an advertising campaign, a change in packaging, etc.), a neuroscience study is designed to understand the non-conscious reactions of users to these specific stimuli.A neuroresearch study can also be designed without the need to ask users. For example, if you need to shorten an advertisement from 40 to 20 seconds, or you have to choose the music for that advertisement and you have doubts between two alternatives.

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Next, I am going to show you 3 very everyday examples in which you can see how and for what you can implement a neuromarketing strategy in your company.As you know, the objective of any advertising campaign is to transmit brand values, in addition to presenting the product to the consumer.In order to know the success of any advertising campaign , in addition to checking that it is managing to convey what the company wants, neuromarketing is the best strategy that helps you measure and evaluate all this: Animatic evaluation : you can compare several animatics until you find the one that hooks the audience with the best argument.Campaign analysis : whether they are digital, audiovisual, graphic or media campaigns, neuromarketing helps you compare the different elements that make up the campaigns; be it graphic elements or emotional responses from users. In this way, you can better understand those elements that have caused more engagement, interaction with your audience or the emotional impact.Advertising materials at the point of sale : neuromarketing also helps you evaluate POS in order to find the necessary improvements, in addition to knowing the emotional response they provoke in the consumer.Brand building : thanks to a PRE / POST test, Aol Email List provides you with the user’s perception of your brand. Especially if it has changed after having seen your advertising campaign.The launch of a new product always carries endless tasks and strategies for any company. When in doubt about whether or not you will like it, neuromarketing can help you when it comes to knowing the keys to your customers’ purchasing decision .Here are some practical examples of neuromarketing actions that you can carry out:Pack comparison : helps you compare various pack designs and make the best decision, allowing you to choose the one that works best emotionally and cognitively.User consumer experience : allows you to evaluate the extent to which your brand, price, packaging, etc. affects the user’s consumer experience.Visibility on the shelf : with this practice you will be able to compare different pack designs placed on a shelf. Thus, you will know which one attracts the most attention through heat maps.The digital environment is increasingly present in consumers. Understanding what the digital interaction of a user with a brand is like is essential in order to improve usability and the user experience.Whether they are digital products, web pages, progressive web apps , etc., neuromarketing also helps to understand how users perceive each element . Let’s see some examples:Graphic lines : you can compare the different graphic lines of a digital tool and check which one is the best connecting emotionally with the user.Landing pages : check user behavior on these pages, from the areas that most attract their attention to the user interface problems that they may encounter. Usability : from a series of tasks that the user can perform, it is possible to determine the usability of the web , app or any digital product. Neuromarketing applied to digital marketing helps you to know in advance the behaviors of users , in addition to knowing what role emotions play in the entire process before making any purchase decision.At a time when it is essential to search for differentiating elements that help you stand out from the brutal competition that companies suffer, neuromarketing is an almost mandatory strategy that helps you consolidate your brand .Have you implemented a neuromarketing strategy in your company? Have you noticed any changes? Tell us, we will love to read you.

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