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Why is Engagement Marketing Important?

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Why is Engagement Marketing Important?

Loyalty is achieved with closeness, one that goes beyond the direct advertising message.
Santiago, Chile.- Wide access to information, which constitutes an excellent tool for any exchange, commercial or social activity, has also become a distracting element for our target audience. The bombardment of options does nothing but diversify people’s interests and forces us to use creativity to the maximum to find the way that helps us deliver the right message to them Panama Phone Number List. So, it is necessary to change or at least alternate the advertising strategies and that implies putting the accent on engagement marketing .

Needless to say, the current consumer is not the same as before. He is hyper informed and therefore demands more. We no longer earn it with a slogan, we must show the added value of the brand.

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Today, the relationship with the consumer must necessarily go through the emotionality of the same. The famous engagement is only achieved if we focus on the person, rather than the product. And it is not about forgetting about it, but about looking for all the instances that allow us to know and satisfy the client’s needs (yes, we have always done it, but in this case it also goes through substance and form). Only in this way will we be able to achieve the objective Phone Number List. The sale will be made on its own, once the commitment is established, that is, in the medium and long term. Like all good relationships, it is necessary to cultivate the details day by day, starting with the human being, before converting it into a user.

Therefore, brands must equate their presence in traditional media, with the “going out to the street”, the direct presence through activities that involve people with it, that allows them to experience it so that they consider it within their immediate options. Artistic interventions, parties, participation in events in which people enjoy associating emotion with the product. Street Marketing .

Undoubtedly, social networks have helped a lot in the process of approaching people, but it cannot be forgotten that any action that involves consumers beyond the field of hard advertising , becomes an ally for loyalty and dialogue.

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