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 Whose Code Is Visible To Everyone And Which Anyone

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 Whose Code Is Visible To Everyone And Which Anyone

Whose Code Is Visible software is a product whose code is visible to everyone and which anyone can modify at will. Prestashop brings together a large French-speaking community of passionate web developers who act for the good of all by offering their paid services, services aimed at personalizing the creation of an internet showcase site according to individual preferences. This is why creating an e-commerce site with Prestashop is reserved, above all, for seasoned people. This CMS is therefore not intended for everyone due to its apparent complexity. Neophytes will go their way. Second disadvantage of Prestashop is the fact that you will have to contact a developer to initiate the creation of your website.

And, like any job deserves a salary, web developers will ask you for a remuneration that Kuwait WhatsApp Number List be a deterrent for anyone who simply wants to get into the field of dropshipping by creating a simple, efficient and unsophisticated showcase site. However, this can be seen as an advantage for some entrepreneurs who want an elaborate website. As such, be aware that Prestashop uses the MySQL language, which allows you to manage a large database. What about natural referencing? Is a site designed under Prestashop able to position itself well in Google’s SERS? The answer is no since it is indeed one of the other weak points of Prestashop.

This Is Why Creating an E-commerce Site With Prestashop Is Reserved

In conclusion, we could safely say that Prestashop is reserved above all for people who are competent in the world of website editing, that it therefore requires some knowledge, that you will therefore have to collaborate with a developer to achieve your website and that all of this will come at a price. Prestashop will, however, be perfectly suited to physical companies wishing to make themselves known on the web while offering their products for sale, who have a large budget and who wish to create a multi-language site. Woo  Commerce, a WordPress plugin more than a CMS So, of course, Woo Commerce is not a CMS as such, but the purpose is the same for those who use this tool, a tool which is therefore similar to a CMS but which remains a simple plugin or extension running under WordPress.


It is therefore not very fair to want to compare WooCommerce with an e-commerce CMS such as Shopify because they do not play in the same court. However, we must resign ourselves to making this comparison given the growing number of users who use WooCommerce to manage their e-commerce services. From the outset, we can say that WordPress regulars will find their accounts there since they are accustomed to the benchmark CMS that is WordPress. So why the hell should they bother to look elsewhere if they can stay on their own CMS platform to build their showcase website? Of course, the other side of the coin is that WooCommerce will not give them as many possibilities in terms of personalization and implementation of said showcase site, in any case,

Woo  Commerce, a WordPress Plugin More Than a Cms So, of Course

Not as much as can bring CMS that are to 100% dedicated to e-commerce, such as the reference in the field Shopify. The big advantage of WooCommerce is that it offers the opportunity to design a site that is both a showcase site and a content site. All this is favorable to the natural referencing of the site which then has a better chance of appearing in the first pages of Google. WooCommerce can thus be optimized to convert well . WooCommerce is an inexpensive solution. However, choosing WooCommerce will not allow you to say that you then have a proper e-commerce site. In addition, you will also have to put your hands in the dough to achieve a convincing result. It’s for you to see … estimate price showcase site 100% free – 3 min How much does it cost to create an online store?

La Fabrique du Net has developed a fast and efficient price estimation engine. Price estimation Magento, a powerful but complex e-commerce CMS Like Prestashop, Magento is an open source platform. This CMS dedicated to e-commerce is therefore aimed above all at advanced people because it is a much more complex system to set up than Shopify, for example. For example, with Magento, you will have to take charge of the SSL certificate, a certificate that will allow your customers to pay for their purchases in complete security. We will not speak either of the hosting which will have to be done on third-party servers. In addition, to personalize your site, the contribution of a third party will be necessary, unless you are yourself, which we doubt, a web developer.

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