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White Hat SEO, the safest method to get to the top of Google

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White Hat SEO, the safest method to get to the top of Google

Competing to be the first is a task that takes a lot of time, effort and determination. Although there are always impatient people who want to get to the top in exchange for breaking the rules.Within Austria Phone Number List  management and analysis there are also some rules of the game to get a good place among the results of your searches, in the SERPs. Today I want to talk to you about White Hat SEO, those quality guidelines that set the standard for us to comply with the algorithms of search engines like Google. We will also see 7 very effective techniques with which you will get closer to the top of your SEO positioning goals .What is White Hat SEO?The White Hat SEO is the way you practice your SEO strategies to get authority , following the rules that dictate the search engines. If we compare this to an Olympic Games, Google is the stadium where each of the web pages are competing, and the White Hat is the set of rules that each of the participants must follow.The least beautiful thing about White Hat SEO is that the results don’t come right away. And this is not something that everyone likes. However, if you meet the quality guidelines established by Google, you will always end up seeing positive results on your website .And the best thing about this strategy is that it is very difficult for you to be the victim of a penalty . In particular, every time Google makes changes to its algorithm, it is quite likely that your website will hardly notice the consequences. The essence of White Hat SEO is in the quality, both of your products and / or services and of all the content you offer on your website. The natural mentions that you get from other websites are also vital.Therefore, you must focus on the content you offer and, in addition, you must pamper users.Working on the SEO of your website by putting these rules on the table is the best thing you can do to get to the top in web positioning .These are the most interesting advantages that White Hat SEO offers you:Organic web traffic : the visits your page receives are organic and of quality. These are users who are looking for the content that you offer. This translates into higher quality visits for your website, which can easily lead to more income for your company.You will not be the victim of any penalty : you are meeting Google’s quality guidelines, and that gives you immunity from any possible threat.The positioning of your website will be very good and stable : when you are offering quality content, adding value to users and doing things well, without cheating, Google can only take you to the top positions of the SERPs. Also, as I mentioned before, every time the search engine makes changes to its algorithm, you will not have to do anything to regain that well-deserved position.The White Hat SEO is a practice not like everyone . And it is that putting into practice the rules of Google has some disadvantages:It is very slow : it takes you a long time to achieve profitability for your website. It is true that once you manage to rank in the Google SERPs, you will not lose that ranking so easily. But this type of SEO strategy is not the most appropriate to make a web project profitable in a short period of time.It is a complicated technique : looking for the best quality requires investing in the best professionals who carry out White Hat SEO techniques. You have to give the best user response and add extra value to your content.White hat7 White Hat SEO techniques that you should implement on your websiteI want to talk to you about 7 techniques or strategies that will help you achieve your SEO goals , and that are based on Google’s quality guidelines .Let’s see how you can take your website to the Google Olympus.

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You know that Google is increasingly focused on users. The time when it was only important to convince the search engine to achieve authority and positioning is far away.Now you have to captivate users ; And the only way you have to do it is by giving them what they are looking for, content that satisfies their search and that adds value to them .It is not enough to have quality content; you must show it to the user in the best way. Make your website a pleasant place where people who visit it stay for a while browsing it.Take care of all the details of your page to make it the favorite of your potential customers . The colors, the typography, the size of the texts, the multimedia content, everything is important to make your website a place where everyone wants to return.You have to establish a periodicity in the publication of your content . Google highly values ​​this strategy that it calls freshness.Pamper users by giving them spectacular content with a constant publication frequency. This way you will be on the right path towards the best positioning.In addition, when you start to enter the first positions of the Google SERPs, every time you publish new content it is very easy for it to enter the first 10 search results directly.Getting your website to rank with the main keyword is a very ambitious goal that you must set in the long term.Implement strategies with long-tail keywords ; They will not bring you many monthly visits but you are already giving Google clues with other keywords that are also part of your website.Throughout this article I am talking about the importance of content on your website in the eyes of Google. This is something that you have to take care of with care in each of the pages that make up your website.You should not only offer unique content for users; you also have to make it understandable to Google bots .These are the aspects of SEO on page that you should constantly monitor because Google values ​​very positively that you take them to the letter:A good link building strategy is a guarantee of quality for your website. You must establish a solid budget with which to invest in quality links to your website .And is that Google has learned to distinguish the forced links that everyone did until very recently.It seems that by now everyone is clear that a web page must be optimized to be displayed on all types of screens.However, not all of them take care of this important detail, especially at a time when searches through mobile devices already exceed those on desktop .Doing things right can only have positive consequences for your website. The White Hat SEO is a practice that requires a lot of perseverance and strategy ; You cannot stop being constant and you have to arm yourself with patience.There are other ways of doing things, of course. It’s like life itself; there are those who choose to play the ace they keep up their sleeve, at the risk of suffering the occasional fall.You choose how you like to do things, do you carry out White Hat SEO in your Aol Email List? Have you found a strategy that speeds up the time it takes to achieve your goals? Tell us! We would love to read you.

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