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When you collect the email addresses of your recipients

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When you collect the email addresses of your recipients

When you collect the email addresses of your recipients, it is even recommended to use a double opt-in procedure . This involves obtaining a user’s consent twice before adding them to a contact list. The first time when he fills out a form; the second time when he clicks on a link contained in a confirmation email. This method is essential to eliminate any risk of incorrectly typed or non-existent address. Finally, clean your contact lists regularly to remove inactive contacts and invalid email addresses that could affect your deliverability.

Frequency and relevance of Finland Phone Number List ISPs are suspicious of senders who send too many emails too quickly, as this is equated with spammy behavior. Sending too many messages at once can cause a blockage, or temporary throttling, in order to protect the end user inbox. This is the reason why it is essential to increase your sending volume very gradually . In this context, some emailing solutions offer personalized “warm-up” plans, to help users slowly increase the volumes of emails sent from a new IP address, in order to establish a good reputation. You should also be careful to make your shipments regularly

Sending too many messages at once can cause a blockage, or temporary throttling

Find the pace that best matches your activity and the expectations of your readers. Once you have defined the rhythm that suits you (weekly, monthly…), maintain this frequency so as not to alert Internet Service Providers. It will also allow you to establish a habit with your recipients, who will know when to expect to receive your communications, increasing your chances of engagement. Message content The last factor analyzed by Internet Service Providers is the content of the messages. Certain content habits lead to higher than normal complaint rates and poor interaction. This has a negative effect on the reputation of the sender and, ultimately, on the deliverability of future messages.


To be recognized as a legitimate sender by ISPs, there are therefore a few recommendations to follow when creating email content : Do not use all capital words, bold or red text, exclamation or question marks, or Avoid certain words often used by malicious senders especially in your email subjects. Observe a text-to-image ratio of 70% text and 30% images. The more text, the better for your deliverability. Write a short email subject line. If your subject exceeds 35-50 characters, you risk alerting the vigilance of spam filters. It may seem obvious, but also be careful to send relevant content , corresponding to the expectations of your recipients. Otherwise, it could have a negative impact on your engagement rates,

It will also allow you to establish a habit with your recipients

To do this, be very clear when signing up on the type of content you are going to send, so that there are no unpleasant surprises on the side of your readers. Whatever happens, give them the option to unsubscribe easily by adding an unsubscribe link at the end of your emails. Again, this is one of the GDPR requirements. In conclusion To summarize, here are the main best practices to follow to improve the deliverability of your emails: Authenticate your domain with the SPF and DKIM protocols. Be sure to develop quality contact lists, in compliance with the GDPR, and clean them regularly. Gradually increase your sending volumes and maintain a regular sending frequency.

Write content worthy of a legitimate sender, expected from your readers. Also make sure you are working with an emailing solution whose technical structure allows you to maximize the arrival of your emails in inbox and not in the spam folder. This is for example the case with the Mailjet solution . Also find out about your emailing service provider’s relationships with Internet Service Providers all over the world, which is essential to be aware of changes to the rules specific to each player in the industry. which would hurt the deliverability of your messages.

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