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What uses do consumers make of wearable devices?

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What uses do consumers make of wearable devices?

35 percent of users say they use wearable devices to improve their physical condition, according to the Mindshare consultancy. London, United Kingdom.- The 35 percent of UK users said that using data devices wearables to improve their fitness and well Senegal Mobile Database– being, according to a study by consulting firm Mindshare.

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Technological development has reached a new stage, through wearable devices , as they have become part of the daily lives of people around the world. Among its uses, the facilitation of payments and the monitoring of physical activity stand out as the most important for users.

The objective of the Mindshare study was to understand what are the main motivations of consumers to acquire these technological objects and to know the opportunities that brands have when entering this new business niche.

Facilitating and making everyday life more efficient was the first need detected, as 36 percent of smartphone carriers in the UK consider it essential in these times Brother Cell Phone List; while 31 percent show interest in ordering products in advance and avoiding transfers and long lines.

Among other uses that consumers give to wearables is the ability to use them as remote controls, whether to open the doors of a vehicle or adjust the heating inside the home.

In addition to this, the improvements that have reached the lives of users are significant, only 76 percent of them consider that the technological contributions of these devices have been favorable to monitor their physical activity. Likewise, 50 percent declare they are interested in measuring and analyzing their sleep patterns by this means.

These figures demonstrate the potential of this scientific discovery to make life easier for the consumer, which is why brands have great growth opportunities in this sector; since Mindshare estimates that 16 percent of the population will be using wearable technology by 2016.

On the other hand, as people begin to physically connect with the web, communication opportunities with brands increase. Push notifications , search ads, branding experience, and content personalization are expected to reign supreme as advertising media for years to come.

All this highlights the benefits that both consumers and brands have when responding positively to wearable technological evolution , to which it will respond in a more natural way as society adapts.

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