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What is the Facebook pixel and how to install it on your website

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What is the Facebook pixel and how to install it on your website

One of the reasons why money is lost when investing in advertising on Facebook or Instagram is because you do not know how to segment your audience well and, by not reaching the right audience, the campaigns do not convert or do not convert as much as they should.

Facebook created the Facebook pixel, which helps improve your targeting by monitoring events on your website.Do you want to optimize your Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns but don’t know how to install your Facebook pixel on your website? I teach you how to do it with WordPress plugins or with
Let’s see what it is and how you can install it on your website so that it begins to collect interesting data to help you with your Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns.You may also be interested in:Can you sell more thanks to Social Networks?What is the Facebook Business Manager and how to create an account?How to create a page on Facebook? Post index [ show ]What is the Facebook pixel?The Facebook pixel is a javascript code provided by Facebook for free and added to your website to track conversions.Thanks to this code you can optimize your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Ads, better segmenting your ads to reach your target audience.What is the Facebook pixel for? The Facebook pixel is used to:Make tracking various actions such as the pages are displayed, products have been added to your cart or your wish list, the products purchased, users who have filled out a form on your website, users who have started the purchase process or have completed it or users who have filled in payment information. Know your audience better with data such as the time they connect, their gender, their age, their location or the device from which they connect.Create custom audiences from the users who visit your website or perform a specific action.
Create similar audiences to reach people who share interests with users who visit your website or take action on it.
Perform track conversions , something very useful to know how people interact with your content.
Optimize your conversions on Facebook Ads, such as purchases and registrations.
Re Costa Rica Phone Number List  or retargeting , re-impacting a specific audience with the product or service they were seeing.Use web conversion campaigns, personalized audiences for your website or dynamic ads .Calculate the ROI of the ads, assigning an economic value to each conversion.
How to create your Facebook pixel? To create your Facebook pixel you need to have a Facebook fan page and an advertising account. Once you have both, you must access your Facebook account and enter your Facebook Business Manager or Ads Manager.When you click on the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines that appear next to the Facebook logo), several options will be displayed. You will have to look for Measure and Report → Event Manager → Pixels .If you have not created any pixel in advance, a welcome screen will appear that will detail the steps to follow to create it, install it on your website and create custom conversions.Create Pixel – Facebook To create your pixel you will only have to click on the “Create a pixel” button , assign it a name and a URL and click “Create” .How to install the Facebook pixel on your WordPress?Once the pixel is created, in order for it to start working, you must install it on your website.If you have no web programmer or programming idea, and your website is on WordPress, there are some plugins that you can use to install it easily (in this post I give you two options).

If you have a web programmer or know programming, you can install the tracking code on each of the pages of your website. How to install the Facebook pixel with Pixel Your Site?This plugin is free, but it has some paid features that are more advanced.To install it on your website, search for “Pixel your site” in the WordPress plugin repository ( Desktop → Plugins → Add new ) and click on Install.Once installed, activate it and access it to configure it.To install your Facebook pixel you must copy the ID in the “Facebook Pixel ID” box and save the configuration.Pixel your site – WordPress In addition, in the “Events” tab you can create advanced events that you want to add.Pixel your site – fb events How to install the Facebook pixel with Pixel Caffeine?This plugin is free.To install it, search for “Pixel Caffeine” in the WordPress plugin repository ( Dashboard → Plugins → Add New ) and install it on your website. Once installed, you must access the plugin settings (in Settings) and connect your Facebook pixel.
Facebook Caffeine Pixel – WordPress From this plugin you can create custom audiences or advanced events.Pixel Caffeine hearings and events How to install the Facebook pixel without plugins?The same Business Manager gives you all the necessary information to copy the Facebook pixel on your website. To access this code, enter your pixel and click on Configure → Install pixel . You must copy it in the header of all web pages (inside the header, before the </head> code).The base code of the pixel is the following (changing  by the identifier number that Facebook has assigned to your tracking pixel):Once this code is installed, you will have the See page event installed on your website, but you can install many more events such as:Add payment information Add to cart Add to wish list Complete registration Contact Customize product Make donation Find location Start payment Potential client Buy Program Search Send request Subscribe Start test View content Facebook provides you with the code for each of the events so you can add it to your web page (these events do not go in the head as in the previous case, but they are inside the body). Install Facebook pixel event Are you interested in what you are reading?
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I accept the Privacy Policy Subscribe me to your newsletter! Responsible: Jessica Quero Purpose: Manage the sending of notifications about social media and digital Aol Email List . Legitimation: Consent of the interested party. Recipients: The electronic bulletins or newsletter are managed by entities whose headquarters and servers are within the territory of the EU or by entities covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, complying with the precepts of the European Data Protection Regulation in terms of privacy and security. Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.How to configure your Facebook pixel? Once you have installed your Facebook pixel on your website, you will be able to store the necessary information to better segment your campaigns, but, to optimize it, you can create personalized conversions.To do this, access your Facebook pixel, click on Custom conversions → Create custom conversion and fill out the form that will appear.Custom conversions – Facebook pixel In the form you will see two drop-downs to choose information about the events to be tracked:Website event (where you will have to choose the type of event to be tracked)Other Custom Pixel Conversions – Facebook Form For example, it is interesting to create a personalized conversion for those users who have reached a specific web page such as the checkout page or the thank you page of a service.How do you know if you have installed your Facebook pixel correctly? To check that the Facebook pixel has been installed correctly on all your pages there is a Chrome extension called Facebook Pixel Helper .You will need to download and install it in your Chrome browser.Once installed, you should access your website and check that the extension icon is blue. If you click on it, it will give you information about the event that is installed on that specific page and the ID of your pixel.In addition, you can also use it to check if other websites (of the competition, for example) have the tracking pixel installed.Conclusions This code will help you segment your ads much better so that the money you invest in advertising on Facebook or Instagram Ads reaches an audience that is interested in your products or services, so it is highly recommended to use it.In addition, the sooner you install it the better, since you will have more data when you start advertising (it starts monitoring from when you install it, so you will not have data from previous moments).Have you already installed your Facebook pixel on your website? Have you encountered any difficulties?

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