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What is the Facebook Business Manager and how to create an account?

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What is the Facebook Business Manager and how to create an account?

If you have a team (or you hire an agency or a freelance Community Manager) and you want to advertise on Facebook and / or Instagram, knowing the Facebook Business Manager is essential, since it will help your team work in a more organized way.

Do you know what the Facebook Business Manager is, how can you create an account and how you should configure it?CLICK TO TWEET Therefore, we are going to see how you can create your Facebook Business Manager account and how you can configure it.You may also be interested in:How to make Facebook more private Community Manager Beginner’s Guide What is the Business Manager?The Facebook Business Manager or Commercial Administrator is a Facebook tool that allows you to manage your company page or Fan Page and manage all your advertising actions on Facebook and Instagram efficiently and from the same place.Thanks to this tool you can have all Facebook resources (advertising accounts, Facebook pages, Instagram company profiles, pixels, statistics, product catalogs, etc.) in an organized and separate way from your personal Facebook profile .In addition, you can manage and allow access to company profiles, advertising accounts, pixels and Facebook Ads audiences.What is Facebook Business Manager for?This platform will allow you:Manage access to your pages and advertising accounts so that they can be managed on the same platform.Facilitate reports , since from this tool you have access to all the statistics of your Facebook fan page.Facilitate transparency between the company and the person in charge of managing the company page or advertising.Facilitate the management of your advertising account to the person or company that you have hired for it.
Assign a specific role to each person in your brand or company.Who is Facebook Business Manager for?For Digital Marketing agencies or freelance Community Managers , to manage their clients’ advertising accounts in one place and achieve greater transparency with them.For companies or brands that want to advertise on Facebook or manage several company pages from the same place.For online store owners who want to add their products to the Business Manager product catalog (a must have if you want to tag your products in your Instagram images).If you are going to manage your own Facebook page and your own campaigns, you do not need to use the Business Manager , you can do it all from your advertising account.If you have hired someone (freelance or agency) to manage your advertising campaigns or your Facebook pages, the ideal is that you create your Business Manager yourself and then add the company or freelancer that is going to manage it ( I’ll show you how to do it below). In this way, you will have in your commercial administrator the audiences and campaigns that are carried out even if you change professionals.

How to create your Business Manager account step by step?
To create your Facebook Business Manager account you will only need a Facebook profile and a Facebook company page (although if you have not created it yet, it will give you the option to do so from this tool).
If you are a company, before creating your Business Manager account you should think about which Facebook profile to use . Ideally, it should be done with the profile of the CEO or the director of the Marketing department, but think that the person you choose will be in charge of managing the accesses and the one who will receive the billing information.
Once you have this, you must access the Facebook Business Manager website , log in with your Facebook profile and click Create account .A screen will appear in which you must fill in the name of your business , your name and your business email (make sure you have access to that email since they will send you an email to confirm the address).Create Business Manager account (data to be entered)Click on the Finish button and you will have your Business Manager account created.Are you interested in what you are reading?If you want to learn more about the world of Social Networks and Digital Marketing, subscribe to my blog and receive all the news and exclusive gifts in your email Write your name Enter your emailI accept the Privacy Policy*
Subscribe me to your newsletter!Responsible: Jessica QueroPurpose: Manage the sending of notifications about social media and digital marketing. Legitimation: Consent of the interested party.Recipients: The electronic bulletins or newsletter are managed by entities whose headquarters and servers are within the territory of the EU or by entities covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, complying with the precepts of the European Cyprus Phone Number List Protection Regulation in terms of privacy and security.Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.How to configure your Facebook Business Manager?Once created, you must proceed to configure your Business Manager.

When you create your account, a welcome page will appear where you will be given the option to open a guide so that Facebook will show you a quick summary on how to manage assets and people and, below, three options will appear: Add page, Add advertising account and Add people .Welcome page Business Manager Let’s see how you can add them step by step.How to add your Facebook page?If you already have a Facebook company page, you must be the administrator of it or request access to it; And if you haven’t created it yet, this is the time to do it.Clicking on Add page will open a window with three actions: Add page, Request access or Create page .Add page in Business Manager
To Add page or Request access , all you have to do is type the name of the company page you want to add or its URL. If you are the administrator of the page, it will be added immediately; If you are not and you have requested access, you will have to wait for the administrator to accept the request.If you are an agency or a freelance community manager that is going to manage a company, you should not add the company page, but request access to it.
To Create a page , you must click on the button and follow the instructions that will appear until you enter all the necessary data to create your company page.How to add an advertising account?
With the advertising account it happens as with the Facebook company page. When clicking on the Add advertising account button, a screen will appear with three options: Add advertising account, Request access to another person’s advertising account and Create advertising account .Add advertising account to Business Manager
If you already have an advertising account, you must find your ID and copy it on the screen that will appear when you click on Add advertising account or Request access to someone else’s advertising account.

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To find out what the ID of your advertising account is, you must access it and copy the number that appears in parentheses next to the name of your account. You can also see it from Settings → Advertising accounts → Advertising account identifier .
As in the case of the page, if you are an agency or a freelance community manager, you must request access to your client’s advertising account.If you have never advertised , click on Create advertising account and configure your payment method .You can add a credit card, your PayPal, Internet banking, Online Banking or a Facebook advertising coupon.Once the payment method has been added, you can define a spending limit for the account so that, when you reach that limit, your campaigns will be paused until you decide if you want to increase or eliminate it.How to add users to your commercial administrator?To help you manage your Business Manager and your Facebook page, you can add people and partners.Let’s see how to do it and what is the difference between these types of users.Add people to your Business Manager People are the people who will work with you on your Facebook page or your advertising campaigns.To add people, you must click on the Add people button that appears on the Business Manager welcome page, write the email of that person (make sure it is the email with which they registered on Facebook so that they receive the invitation to join your Business Manager) and assign them a role .Add people to the Business Manage You can also add people from the option Business There are different roles in Facebook Business Manager. At level 1 we would find these 4 roles:Administrator: If you choose this profile, you are granting it permissions to manage any asset or person in your Business Manager, add or remove employees and modify your business settings.Having full control, it is advisable to give this role only to people you trust.Employee: In this case, you grant permissions to access basic information and to work on the assets you assign Financial Analyst: This role allows access to the financial data of your business.Financial editor: In this case, you will be able to access financial Aol Email List  and edit credit card information.

Administrator: can manage all aspects of Facebook page and Instagram account.Editor: They can create ads, view statistics, reply to and delete comments, send messages, post content, and manage brand content settings.Moderator: can view statistics, create announcements, reply to and delete comments, send messages, and manage branded content settings.Advertiser: can create ads, view statistics, and manage branded content settings.Analyst: can view statistics and manage branded content settings.Add partners to your Business Manager If you have hired a freelancer or an agency to manage several assets for you, this is the correct way to do it so as not to lose information at the end of the employment relationship.You must connect your Business Manager with the Business Manager of the company or freelance that you have hired. To do this, you must add them as partners to your Business Manager from Business Configuration.Add partners to Business Manager To do this, you must know your partner’s Facebook Business Manager ID in order to add it.How to add your Instagram business profile?If you have an Instagram business profile you can add it to your Business Manager to manage some options from this tool or advertise on Instagram.Add Instagram account to your Business Manager You must enter your Instagram username and password Once added, you can assign it an advertising account or a partner.How to delete your Facebook Business Manager?If you are going to manage your own advertising on Facebook and / or Instagram, you do not need to use this tool, so if you have created your account and do not know how to use it or do not use it, you can delete it.To do this, you must access your Business Manager and select Business Configuration → Business Information → Delete business permanently .Delete your Facebook Business Manager A message will appear in which Facebook informs you that it will be deleted within a few days but be careful, if you created your page or your advertising account when setting up your Business Manager, they will be deleted as well.Conclusions It is important that even if you are not the one who is going to create and manage the advertising campaigns on Facebook or Instagram, you have some basic knowledge about the platform to be able to see some statistics or to make sure that you will continue to have access to some data in the case of that you decide to work with other professionals. If you have any questions about the Business Manager, do not hesitate to leave them in

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