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What is the current consumer like?

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What is the current consumer like?

The role of the consumer has changed in this century and it is good to be clear that it will never be what it was. Technology is a tool that transforms everything: the way we communicate, the way we present ourselves as professionals to the world and of course, the way we do business and buy. empowers and clings to their new position creating a marketing challenge Honduras Phone Number List. This has implied the obligation of the industry to investigate ways of approach. Historically, the changes started with traditional media, to reach their highest point with the Internet.

The possibility of choice that the consumer now has, no longer goes through advertising in traditional media . The advent of the Internet allowed him to choose without more guidance than his own interest, when he discovered that he could navigate looking for the best providers of products and services, no matter where they were on the planet.

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But the above, the consumer of this century became a real headache for the industry, forcing it to use all its creativity to reach the goal. However, with the arrival of social networks Phone Number List, the point of equilibrium was returned, because it gave the market the possibility of entering the circle of its customers and positioning itself exactly in front of them to establish a more direct and healthy relationship.

Given that the consumer of this century has more possibilities within his reach, with more knowledge about what he wants and how he wants it, it has also become an important source of information for the marketer who does not grope, but has the opportunity to pay attention to what this new character needs. Hence, the call for attention for brands about the scope of consumer comments and about how essential it is to respond quickly to their requirements.

If the relationship between the client and the brand was always a difficult issue, today it has the opportunity to reverse itself thanks to digital marketing and the evolution of strategies that lead to the psychological changes of the empowered consumer.

It is because of the above that we always insist on “active listening”, an attitude that, as in life, allows us to react in time to the requirements in order to satisfy the client’s needs, which is ultimately the ultimate goal.

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