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What Is The Cost Of An Emailing Campaign? 

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What Is The Cost Of An Emailing Campaign? 

The cost of an emailing campaign depends on many factors and the cost difference between two campaigns can be significant depending on the software chosen, the number of emails sent, the level of email personalization, the type of mailings: newsletter vs campaigns scripted, editorial emails vs promotional emails, etc. It is to help you see more clearly about the cost of an emailing campaign that we have designed this comprehensive guide. Discover the main factors impacting the cost of an email campaign. The cost of an emailing campaign – Summary table The cost of an emailing campaign varies within a range which is quite wide.

Depending on whether Mexico WhatsApp Number List carry out your campaigns yourself, internally, using emailing software or whether you outsource all or part of the creation of your campaigns (to an agency, to a freelancer ), the cost will be very different. Here is a summary table of orders of magnitude of the possible options which crosses each type of campaign envisaged with a service provider or a solution. down together the cost of an emailing campaign The cost of the software The cost of the software should be anticipated if you plan to create your campaigns yourself or if you are thinking of entrusting them to your teams. If you use a service provider, it is obvious that this cost will not be taken into account.

Here Is a Summary Table of Orders of Magnitude of the Possible Options Which Crosses

What you need to know about the cost of emailing software is that there are three main formulas as pricing models: a cap on the number of contacts, the number of emails sent or the number of credits. Overall, a few tens of euros will be enough to have most of the necessary functionalities but this can climb to 300 € for a few more advanced capacities, let’s see this in detail. Each of these formulas has its specificities and to help you identify the one that will best meet your expectations, Pricing model based on the number of contacts In this model, the subscription price depends only on the number of contacts in your database. Very handy if you want to send newsletters, because the subscriber base is generally small, which then makes sending a newsletter possible at low cost.


No matter how often, whether daily or monthly, the price will be unchanged. This is the pricing model used by MailChimp , here is an excerpt from the price list: Pricing model per number of items This subscription model is the most widespread and comes in the form of a fixed price for a limited number of mails to be sent, it is in particular the model proposed by the publishers Mailjet and Sendinblue. Here is the Sendinblue price list : This tariff model offers different levels, ranging from free to the treatment of special cases, with decreasing tariffs. The stages of this type of model share similarities from one software to another. Generally, the first paid plan, like the Lite plan, can already satisfy your emailing campaign up to 100,000 emails and offers access to essential features such as a template library.

This Is the Pricing Model Used by Mailchimp , Here Is an Excerpt From the Price List

The following tiers, like the Premium plan, can be your solution if you need more advanced features, such as marketing automation, and the landing page editor. For specific needs, Sendinblue remains a solution thanks to its affordable prices and the possibility of contacting them for a personalized solution. This type of level then provides you with more in-depth support, such as turnkey installation, or the characterization of your requests as “priority”. And here is the Mailjet price list: Pricing model per number of credits The third model is, among others, the one used by Mailify . By offering sending credits, you free yourself from the constraint of the subscription system and can use these credits whenever you want, since they remain valid for one year.

Here is the price list of the French emailing solution Sarbacane for example: These prices are indicated for informational purposes and vary from one publisher to another. I also advise you to anticipate the hidden costs which nevertheless provide essential services to the success of your campaign, such as: Costs related to training and support services. I invite you to reduce these costs by favoring simple solutions offering free help support. The costs associated with renting a routing IP address dedicated to your emailing campaigns should not be forgotten. Costs related to optimizing the deliverability of emails sent as well as unblacklisting to ensure their proper reception and avoid the arrival of emails in spam.


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