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What is Email Marketing ?: The best way to communicate with your customers

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What is Email Marketing ?: The best way to communicate with your customers

What do you do with your customer database? Are you carrying out any management with them? What if I told you that with a minimal investment you can achieve great results in your campaigns?Today I want to talk to you about what email marketing is , a strategy that is within direct marketing actions and whose ROI reaches 4.3% .I will show you the most common types of emails that you can use in your strategies, and we will also see why it is important that you work with an email marketing tool .Let’s take advantage of your customer database!What is Email Marketing?The email marketing is a direct communication tool between the Italy Phone Number List and customers and / or leads it. Use email as a means of reaching the user; therefore, it is a direct channel in which you can adapt the message to each recipient .Today communication through email is an essential means for companies, both in day-to-day management and in their growth objectives.In addition, with email marketing you can establish a much more personal and direct communication with your prospect or client. And it is not an invasive strategy because it has been the user who has previously provided you with their email , authorizing you to send them this type of email .The objectives that send emails through an email marketing strategy are very diverse. You can use it at almost any time, from communicating with your customers to enhance your brand image, to selling your products and services, and even to publicize your business.What is Email Marketing6 compelling reasons that will lead you to implement an Email Marketing strategy in your company Email is present in each of the phases of an Inbound Marketing strategy , from prospecting to loyalty. It helps you a lot to achieve the marketing objectives of your company.Here are 6 powerful reasons why you cannot stop implementing an email marketing strategy in your company.Conversion is much higher than Social Networks : within online marketing, this is one of the channels that offers the highest profitability. With a good content marketing strategy you can triple the conversion rate compared to RRSS.It reaches everyone : not all users are on social networks. Email marketing allows you to reach those audiences that are not present in other communication channels. This makes it a very accessible medium.It is fully customizable : thanks to email you will be able to speak directly with your audience in a much more personal way. This is very positive to achieve good opening percentages.You keep your brand in the top of mind of your clients : in addition to helping you establish relationships with your clients, thereby helping to retain them, email marketing manages to keep your brand alive in their image. In this way, they will come to your company every time they need to consume your product or service.You can publicize new products immediately : every time you launch a new product or service, and also when you launch an offer or promotion, you can communicate it to your customers at the moment.It allows you to use other marketing strategies : make the most of your customer database by offering them a cross-selling strategy, such as upselling. In this way, you are making known other products in your catalog that many customers are unaware of.Keep in mind that by sending personalized information to your clients, according to their needs and their profile, you have a much higher conversion.

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Once the user has entrusted you with their email (you already know that you must comply with the RGPD to protect their privacy, and it is they who must give you their express consent), you have before you a whole range of possibilities to retain them.When launching an email marketing strategy, you can do it using two different types of emails, automated and occasional emails .The emails that are automated are very useful, because they are responding to a certain action that the user has performed on your website . For example, every time they subscribe to your newsletter or after they have made a purchase.You can create them in a totally personalized way, and it is not necessary for there to be any person in your company who is waiting to send this type of emails every time the user interacts on your website. They are part of Marketing Automation .We can find some more examples of automated emails in cases where the user needs to reset the access password , when they want to make some kind of reservation or if you want to send a technical document to the attendees of an online seminar, among others.As the name suggests, these emails arise with the natural evolution of your  Aol Email List. Remember that the user has consented to the sending of emails; Take advantage of this circumstance to enhance your company’s products and services by creating content that meets user expectations.The best example of an occasional email is the newsletter that your followers and customers expect from you . Take advantage of these shipments to show the news, new products and / or services, as well as any relevant news of your company.You can also create specific email marketing campaigns that can be made up of a sequence of emails, and have a specific duration. The launch of a new product , or promotions for specific dates during the year can be examples where you need to develop a campaign that can be made up of 3 to 10 emails, on average.Launching an email marketing campaign without the right tools can put all the effort and money you have decided to invest in it at risk.Email sending platforms can help you very effectively, especially when the number of recipients is important.Let’s see the advantages that having an email marketing tool offers you :You know for sure if all emails reach recipients , and which ones don’t.You can design your emails in a simple way and with a personalized result. This will motivate your readers to read them, in addition to achieving your goals.You also have access to the statistics offered by email marketing programs, such as knowing the open rate, the percentage of “clicks” or what type of emails your audience like the most.Some email marketing tools also offer you the ability to monitor the status of your shipments in real time . You can also do A / B tests to get to know your audience better. And they also allow you to segment the audiences according to different criteria , such as their age, the time of purchase, the scoring, if they are only leads and you need to carry out a specific campaign to convert them into customers, etc.At Digital Menta we are part of both SalesForce Pardot and Active campaign .Email marketing is a communication strategy with your clients that you must include within the marketing objectives of your company.Beyond sending a weekly newsletter, you can take advantage of the full potential that having a database offers you to create advertising campaigns, show your company news and even strengthen ties with your potential customers.Did you know what Email Marketing consists of and what is? Do you use this communication strategy in your company? Have you noticed an increase in conversion in your online sales channel?Let us know in the comments! We would love to read you.

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