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What is Digital Marketing and what are its benefits

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What is Digital Marketing and what are its benefits

This term has become very fashionable in recent years, due to the rise of the Internet and the digitization of companies. Today, a company that is not on the Internet and does not have a presence in Social Networks is almost as if it were invisible and is losing many opportunities that its competition may be gaining.

Do you know what digital marketing is and what are the benefits of incorporating it into your brand or company strategy?
This is why Digital Marketing is so important. But, are you clear about what it is and what benefits it can bring to your  Macedonia Phone Number List or brand?What is Digital Marketing or Online Marketing?Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is the set of actions and strategies that a company or person carries out through the Internet with the intention of attracting new customers or attracting new businesses, developing a brand identity and creating relationships.Above all, it is a great opportunity to grow, make your brand visible and position it, since your potential clients are already on the Internet.It is one of the main channels of Digital Marketing and on which you should focus when creating your digital strategy.It is very important that you have a neat web page, that is identified with your brand identity, that it takes a short time to load, that it is intuitive so that it is easy for users to find it, and that it has good web maintenance, so make sure it is up to date and avoid vulnerabilities.If you have a company or want to sell services, one of the best ways to reach your customers is with a blog where they can learn about the sector or the products you sell, as long as you are informing and not trying to sell blatantly.In addition, your clients will be able to see that you control the subject.There are more and more users on social networks, so there are your potential customers and who you must reach to build loyalty for your brand, and to sell, of course.You do not have to be on all networks, not even the best known. Know your client well and in which social networks it has a presence, that is where you should be and where you should invest time and money to be visible and work on your brand.
It is a strategy that is usually very effective if done well, using it to inform your customers of news, articles or promotions, but you have to be careful because they may consider it SPAM and you could lose them.Therefore, if you use this channel, you must do it in the correct way, using the channel to give information to your client that may be of interest to them and not just to sell.

A good web positioning will make your web page appear in the first positions when any user performs a search, in Google or in any other search engine, with your keywords, and will lead a potential client to your web page or blog, so it is important to work this channel properly.Investing in online advertising can give you a lot of visibility, especially when your brand is not well known or when you are starting in the online world, whether you invest in search engine advertising, such as Google AdWords, or if you do it on social networks.You don’t have to invest a lot of money, but advertising will make you reach more audiences and increase your sales.Video is on the rise and more and more videos are being viewed, so it is a channel that you must take into account, as long as it can be adjusted to your brand. Create tutorials, show your products and how they are used correctly or share your knowledge of the sector.What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?It is measurable and can be analyzed To know if your strategy is having the expected effect or not, you must be able to measure and analyze the results, obtaining information on what is working well and what needs to be changed to achieve our goal.One of the advantages of Digital Marketing is that there are many tools with which you can measure all the actions you carry out through the different channels.Although you do have to make an investment in your website, in some tools and in advertising, it is much cheaper than traditional marketing, since you can also perform some actions for free (such as through Social Networks or email electronic).The Internet has no limits, so you can find potential clients from your city, your country, your continent or around the world.If you launch a strategy, from the first moment you can be seeing what results it is giving you and, if they are not as expected, you can change it, adapting it better to what your clients are looking for.Launching an advertising campaign to the general public can bring you less benefits and you will have to spend more time than if you launch it segmenting it, getting closer to your potential client and focusing on their needs.Having a presence on the Internet will make many more users and potential clients know your brand, either through your social networks, your website or your blog.Good Digital Marketing can bring you closer to knowing your customers better and for them to know your brand better, creating a relationship and loyalty to your customers.Most companies are digitizing because they have seen the great potential of having a presence on the Internet, so if you are not there, your competition is taking sales that you could be taking.

In addition, through the Internet you can reach many more people than through your physical store, which is limited to a specific site and hours.One of the things I like the most about Digital Marketing is that you can try different tactics to reach your target audience and redefine your strategy based on what is working for you and what is not.Social networks are already the preferred customer service channel for their users, so if you are not on social networks they may be talking about you without you knowing it and without you being able to help them solve their doubts or problems.Stores have opening hours, but the Internet does not. You can reach more people and have the doors of your store open at any time so that your customer can access your store at the time that suits them best and from anywhere.Are you interested in what you are reading?If you want to learn more about the world of Social Networks and Digital Marketing, subscribe to my blog and receive all the news and exclusive gifts in your email Purpose: Manage the sending of notifications about social media and digital marketing.
Legitimation: Consent of the interested party.Recipients: The electronic bulletins or newsletter are managed by entities whose headquarters and servers are within the territory of the EU or by entities covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, complying with the precepts of the European Data Protection Regulation in terms of privacy and security.
Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.Establish a digital strategy to reach your target audience, since if you focus your strategy on the entire general public, you will be wasting time and money.And that your strategy is not only to get new ones, which is a very common mistake, but also so that your customers continue to trust your brand.To know which way to go, we have to know where we want to go. Therefore, it is necessary to establish objectives and goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and defined in Time).Thus, you will be able to measure and evaluate your Digital Marketing strategy based on whether or not you are getting closer to your goals.

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You have to know well what your target customer is like and, above all, what they do in their free time and in which channels they have a presence. It does not make sense that you invest money and time in trying to reach your client through a channel that they do not use, but you must adapt to what social networks they have a presence on, when they connect to the Internet and what device they use for it.That you establish a Digital  Aol Email List  strategy does not mean that you should forget about your Traditional Marketing strategy. One thing does not remove the other.You can obtain a lot of useful information through your business or establishment and apply it to your digital strategy.You must have a website that is easy to use and in which your potential client knows how to easily and quickly find what they are looking for. If not, it will go to your competition.In addition, you must bear in mind that more and more users connect from mobile phones, so your website must be able to be viewed properly from any device.There are many tools in the world of Digital Marketing, both paid and free. Try and select the ones that give you the most information or the ones that seem easiest to use.The best way to become a good professional is by learning from the best. To do this, network with them, both online and, if you have the opportunity, offline. You can exchange ideas, opinions on trends or the tools you use, talk about the news in the sector or comment on topics that you have seen on their blogs or web pages.As in the previous case, I believe that reading the references of Digital Marketing is essential if you want to be a good professional and learn everything there is to know about this sector.A good way to do it is to subscribe to their blogs, so that when they share new content they will notify you by email and you do not have to be accessing their website in search of new publications.Otra forma, que yo utilizo mucho, es a través de la herramienta Feedly. Sigue a los blogs que te gusten y cuando compartan contenido nuevo te aparecerá en la herramienta.

Si no sabes a quién seguir, no te preocupes, aquí tienes un listado de blogs de profesionales del Marketing Digital en los que yo confío para estar al día.Sigue en Twitter a profesionales del Marketing Digital
Twitter es una de las redes sociales que más me gustan y en la que se comparten muchos buenos artículos sobre Marketing Digital a diario. Por ello, debes seguir a referentes y profesionales del sector, puesto que no sólo aprenderás de ellos, sino de todo el contenido de otros profesionales que comparten.Si quieres compartir contenido tú también, recuerda mencionar siempre a la persona que ha creado el contenido.También puedes suscribirte a listados de profesionales o crearlas tú para poder ver todos los contenidos de esos profesionales sin que se cuelen otros contenidos que quizá no te interesen en ese momento.A mí me encanta leer y siempre estoy leyendo algún libro, por ello creo que este punto es muy importante. Puedes aprender mucho de libros de Marketing Digital y de los ebooks que algunos profesionales han creado y puedes descargar gratuitamente desde su web.El autoaprendizaje es algo imprescindible en este sector, por lo que leer es una tarea que debes añadir a tu agenda ya.Es el sitio ideal para hacer networking y puedes aprender mucho de las ponencias de profesionales del sector y de otros profesionales que acuden a esos congresos y eventos.Además, muchos eventos tienen talleres prácticos en los que puedes aplicar lo que has aprendido a tu proyecto.Así que, saca tu agenda y apunta estas fechas de eventos de Marketing Digital en España.Otra opción interesante es apuntarte a webinars, puedes verlos tranquilamente desde casa y aprendes mucho de ellos. Además, muchos profesionales hacen periódicamente, a través de su blog o de MD School.Busca grupos en Facebook o LinkedIn sobre Marketing Digital y participa en ellos. Aunque no tengas blog para compartir tus contenidos, tus comentarios seguro que serán bien recibidos, siempre que sean constructivos.Encontrarás mucho contenido de calidad con el que aprender y podrás crear relaciones con otros profesionales del sector.Si quieres iniciarte, puedes empezar por buscar un curso gratuito online con el que adquirir los conocimientos mínimos para poder lanzarte al sector, y luego ya lanzarte a hacer uno más avanzado.Si ya tienes conocimientos, invierte algo de dinero en un buen curso o máster con profesores que sean profesionales del sector. Podrás hacer networking con tus profesores y conocer a otros profesionales que están aprendiendo como tú.El Marketing Digital es muy importante a la hora de tener presencia en Internet si queremos conseguir visibilidad y aumentar nuestras ventas. Por ello, debemos aprovechar esta oportunidad e invertir en tener una buena presencia online.

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