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What happened to the trends in online marketing and digital advertising for 2011?

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What happened to the trends in online marketing and digital advertising for 2011?

While the summer heat is tightening, more than six months have passed since we started this year 2011. As usual, with the arrival of each year there are crowds and different predictions about the most promising trends and news within the industry and qatar mobile phone number and advertising sector.It only takes a glance to the nearest past to realize how our world evolves at a frantic pace and by leaps and bounds. For this reason, we wanted to collect some of the predictions that we advanced just a few months ago and check if today they have been fulfilled as we expected.2011, started strong. Especially with the avalanche of information and data related to media and social networks. Then the vast majority of experts bet on this type of media as a mainstream throughout this year. And the truth is that he was right.In 2010, corporate use of social media reached a tipping point. Companies became more sophisticated in the use of these types of media as they gained more experience. As part of this evolution, experts pointed out that social media would spread throughout organizations, mainly in customer service.The forecasts on social media were evident and indicated that the media and social networks would continue to grow by leaps and bounds in a year that would be marked by the integration of all kinds of resources, content, widgets, videos, cloud services and analysis …The stakes were 10 to 1, and hardly anyone dared to swim against the current. Experts and analysts clearly highlighted that the use of social networks by Internet users would continue to grow while the budget of brands in communication actions through these media would increase.But regardless of what seemed more than obvious, Google was already being given the opportunity to demonstrate its great potential by predicting a change towards the social. We have already witnessed how, during the last months and weeks, the news from Google in this regard have not stopped arriving.Curiously, another of the most striking trends after Obama’s resounding success was the entry and massive participation of politicians in the media and social networks. And as we have been able to verify, these means have become a tool of real use both for the candidates themselves and their communication teams. At the end of 2010, iPhone or Blackberry were some of the best-selling manufacturers of mobile devices and smartphones, evidently predicting new changes and trends among their users and consumers.It was the beginning of a new era where new ways of buying, enjoying leisure, being able to watch streaming videos, make transactions or update profiles on social networks were emerging.Some of the latest reports from 2010 already offered us clearly defined clues and trends and market data predicted that the sales of Smartphones would exceed that of traditional computers this year. All this without counting the great acceptance with which tablets like the iPad have emerged and triumphed in the market.Obviously, this would have a direct impact on the mobile advertising and marketing business, which would finally begin to consolidate and gain the trust of advertisers both through ads and mobile marketing actions and through the growing market for commercial applications.After the arrival of services and tools such as Places from Facebook or social networks such as Foursquare, the predictions affected the growing trend and interest of companies in advertising based on geolocation. So some visionaries have already ventured to predict that many of these geolocation-based services would end up being combined with companies specializing in local deals like Groupon. Even so, this type of advertising is in an initial moment of maturation, innovation and experimentation that will undoubtedly begin to prevail in no time.Without losing the trail of technology and mobile Marketing, at the end of 2010, experts predicted a resurgence of QR Codes.


However, despite its multiple applications, this technology seems to continue to face obstacles that make it an essential resource used by both companies and consumers.If it is true that during 2011, the number of initiatives and proposals that use this type of technology have increased to offer consumers all kinds of information, offers and promotions. However, the real penetration of QR Codes is still insufficient to be consolidated.Started in 2011, Social Shopping was already considered the future of online shopping and social networks and many were those who pointed to 2011 as the year for the take-off of electronic commerce through mobile phones.It is clear that the predictions were not in the wrong direction. In fact, in recent months we have begun to witness many advances and developments in this regard, where the so-called f-commerce or electronic commerce through Facebook should also be highlighted, which has begun to deploy its networks and could soon become a whole revolution for companies.However, with the great evolution and market penetration of new mobile devices, the highlight could undoubtedly be the change in habits or the appearance of new trends among consumers, who have turned their smartphones into the best shopping companions. and indispensable tools for product research before and during the purchasing process.Internet and investments in advertising and online marketing At the end of 2010, the predictions and forecasts in relation to advertising investments were perhaps the ones that were received with the greatest uncertainty. Especially taking into account the effects of the crisis and the economic recession that at that time was experiencing its worst moment.Six months later, global advertising investment returns to levels prior to the economic recession, thus recovering from the recession that began in 2009, and the Internet continues to be the medium with the best forecasts and fastest growth, with an annual average of 14.2%.The commitment to this medium is undoubtedly more than evident, and this is demonstrated by the data of some reports such as the one developed by Zenith Opti media that indicate that the Internet could become the second largest medium by advertising investment by 2013.And it is not for less, the latest known data are clear indicators of this trend, as in the case of the Google company, which after the latest business data has seen its advertising revenue increase by 36%.Having apparently passed the worst moments of the crisis, other notable trends for 2011 indicated that during this year there would be new adjustments in the advertising price models. Although in 2010 there was a rebound in results-based models due to a lack of confidence, by 2011 many saw it foreseeable that brand generation would recover part of the lost share.In fact, many of the current strategies based on Social media have as their main objective, in addition to generating new links with users, clients and consumers, to strengthen the visibility, impact and awareness of companies and brands.Something logical that was already predictable and about which an extensive debate was already beginning to be generated, taking into account that measurements are still one of the great headaches of companies, so it was to be expected as it was predicted then that the ROI It will evolve in such a way that other aspects and actions such as comments and “likes” will also begin to be measured to make more realistic measurements.The online video industry effectively, despite being already consolidated at that time, needed to establish the pillars of a business model and a stable advertising market.Last year, some studies and reports such as the one developed by IAB Spain and PwC already offered relevant forecasts indicating that videos would represent the true explosion of the online advertising sector. And so it has been, after display advertising, which is currently the fastest growing segment, video-based ads are growing incredibly fast.With the rise of social media and networks, there were many who heralded the announced death of email. However, just six months later, we continue to use it frequently and regularly and even consult it more frequently through other devices such as tablets and smartphones.Despite the fact that social networks in many cases have changed many of the habits of users when communicating through the internet, email today continues to play a fundamental role.It is true that in 2010 with the absolute dominance of Google, everything seemed invented. However, the strong push of the media and social networks forced the internet giant to wake up.Many experts already anticipated this trend, pointing out that SEO strategies should undergo a process of sophistication. With the wide variety of search engines and new applications like geolocation or  Aol Email List  searches on the market, SEO experts should maximize their efforts to improve and obtain better results.Today it is more than evident that search engines like Google have taken a step forward by changing the rules so far established. And it is precisely this change that began with the arrival of Google Panda, Google’s new positioning algorithm to which social options and the power transmitted to users through Google+ are now added.

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