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 What Does A Data Analyst Or Big Data, Analyst 

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 What Does A Data Analyst Or Big Data, Analyst 

What Does A Data Tech Big  China Business Phone List   Blog What is and what does a Data Analyst or Big Data Analyst do?
The Big Data industry together with Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence do not stop growing. Thanks to this, new professional profiles appear every day, such as Data Analyst or Data Analyst, which has become one of the most demanded profiles in the sector. If you want to know what the job of a Data Analyst consists of, keep reading!

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Index of contents:

What is a data analyst
Its duties
Five reasons why companies seek a Data Analyst
How to be a data analyst
What is the salary of this profession
What is and what does the Data Analyst or Data Analyst do?
The Data Analyst or Big Data Analyst is a professional profile that thanks to the interpretation of the data can establish strategies within a company. Therefore, you must know how to collect data as well as analyze it statistically.

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Keep in mind that Big Data Analysts work with large amounts of data, but the data itself does not say anything. The company requires a profile that finds patterns in them to carry out some actions or others.

Day-to-day functions of a Big Data Analyst
If you work in an organization with a digital presence, you will know that companies are constantly behind the user . Therefore, it is essential to have an analyst who interprets the data in order to establish patterns in customer behavior.

Therefore the
Aol Email List   analyst is in charge of:

Extract, process and group data
Analyze those datagroups
Generate reports
Undoubtedly an analyst must develop their mathematical and statistical skills. In this way they manage to carry out a complete analysis of the extracted data. To do this, tools such as Python are used to help .

Within the skills in tools and statistics, elements such as teamwork must also be taken into account. Without a doubt, Big Data must work hand in hand with the Business Intelligence department .

The data analyst is a figure that will be needed in any sector and department. Therefore you must be prepared to present data to any stage within the company . Effective communication should be one of your characteristics, since you will not only deal with the data scientist, but your mission is that all workers in the company understand the data with which they work.

The data analyst is intrigued by discovering what is behind all the information that a company generates. These are capabilities that go into an innovative person who is committed to change. It has one of the most interesting challenges that will present itself in the coming years.

Learn with the best professionals

Get trained in data analysis and apply it to the sector you want!
Five reasons why companies seek a Data Analyst
The average salary of Data Analysts reveals the recognition and value they bring to their job. Why? A good Data Analyst has five characteristics that every company looks for. Do you want to know them?

Curiosity to analyze and interpret data . The first great reason why a Data Analyst is important in a company is because they are a person who likes to take data, analyze it and get the most out of it. An important profile if you take into account the large amount of data that companies store and must handle.
A profile familiar with numbers. The Data Analyst is an expert profile in Mathematics and Statistics. That is, the good Business Data Analyst knows how to handle numbers, understand them and guide them to the business for which they work. A skill that not all digital profiles have and that makes the Data Analyst so careful and important for companies.
Ability to solve problems. One of the most common traits of a good Data Analyst is that he is a problem-solving-oriented person, who stands out for his resolution. The Business Data Analyst stands out for knowing how to solve the problems that appear, one of the points that characterize a good worker.
He knows how to solve technical problems. He not only knows how to analyze, interpret and work around numbers. Every good Data Analyst stands out for his ability to solve technical problems, because he is a familiar profile that has programming knowledge and knows how to use computer language: HTML , CSS, SaaS, PHP, Cloud …
It adapts to any sector. In addition to working with data and numbers, being decisive and knowing how to work with computer language, another feature that leaves the Data Analyst in a good place is that he knows how to adapt to any sector. The rapid ability to adapt to a company, regardless of its sector, is another reason why companies positively value the profile of the Data Analyst.
What to study to be a data analyst?
The rise of this profession comes from the need for companies to hire Big Data professionals . Due to this, professions that did not exist previously are being generated. Adapting to the needs of the market affects education since that is where training must be offered that responds to the demand of companies.

This type of training can go through Master, Postgraduate or Courses. In all of them, practical training must be provided that is up to date with innovations and new challenges and that educates with a methodology aimed at entering the labor market.

The Master in Digital Business Analytics & Big Data fully addresses the figure of Data Analyst or Big Data Analyst. The student learns to:

Structuring massive data that a company generates in the digital age
Convert them into informative dashboards for Data Driven management
Develop predictive algorithms that help automate decision making.
Andrés Menchero Martín, DATA & Analytics Consultant and professor of this Master, believes that “the profile of data analyst begins to be quite supported by the board of a company since it has the necessary information to give the appropriate answers based on questions of relevant business that generate impact. In short, if a company has a data driven culture, the possibility of improvement in terms of business and the internal growth of this type of profiles is very high ”.

The Master in Business Intelligence and Data Science is an ambitious IEBS project in which we teach and train students to work on data and analyze it to make business decisions. This program works on everything related to data.

There are many options that can make us experts in Big Data . For all those who want to specialize, it is an advantage to have training that is fully adapted to their objective. Taking into account also that this specialization is demanded in the labor market as is the case of marketing.

Data analyst in a specific sector
With the Postgraduate in Big Data Marketing we want the student to obtain a competitive advantage in their curriculum. With this training, a professional will be able both to participate in the analysis of the data, and to collect the needs of the clients to present them to the Data Scientist. Data analysis has become an essential practice within Marketing strategies for companies. This is why they require professionals who are capable, not only of extracting these data, but of interpreting them.

What is the salary of a Data Analyst?
Human resources consultancy Adecco believes that the profession of data analyst is booming and has a future. The salary of a Big Data Analyst can range from 25,000 to 50,000 euros gross per year , depending on previous experience and that is acquired over time. It must be borne in mind that this profession will be increasingly in demand thanks to the digital transformation that we are experiencing, so a data analyst may charge up to 60,000 euros . In the United States these professionals earn these amounts of money.

Regarding the areas of work, our professor Sergio Asenjo in the Master in Digital Business Analytics & Big Data believes that «depending on the project or company in which he works, the Data Analyst will develop some skills or others, which will allow him to specialize . Today, the Big Data Analyst profile has job opportunities in sectors such as finance , marketing, transportation or insurance, so it is a really attractive profession.  Do you dare to be a Data Analyst? We train you in one of the professions of the future in our Master in Digital Business Analytics & Big Data.

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