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What are KPIs in Social Networks and how can you measure them? [+ Template]

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What are KPIs in Social Networks and how can you measure them? [+ Template]

If we do not measure, we cannot know if we are doing things right or doing things wrong. And in Social Networks, the same thing happens.

It is not about publishing and that’s it. Not even to see if we have more followers than the day before or if what we just shared has gotten more likes than what we shared the other day.We must establish objectives and metrics that allow us to measure if we are getting closer to our objectives with the actions we are taking on our social profiles or if we are wasting time without knowing what we must improve in order to achieve them.Are you measuring the results of your actions on Social Networks? If you are not doing it, you will not know what you must improve to achieve your goals To do this, we are going to see how you can establish KPIs that help you achieve your goals on Social Networks.You may also be interested in:Can you sell more thanks to Social Networks?
Community Manager Beginner’s Guide What is a KPI and what is it for? The first thing we should know is what these acronyms are and what they refer to. A KPI (Key Performance Indicator or Key Performance Indicator) is defined as a quality indicator that helps us define what we want and control whether or not we are achieving it .With this term, we refer to the series of metrics that we use to measure our work, synthesizing the information obtained from our actions and finding out whether or not they are bringing us closer to our objectives.In addition, it also helps us improve decision-making.You could say that a KPI is what helps us measure the success of a project or a strategy.Measurable: If we cannot measure it, we cannot know if we are doing it right or wrong.
Achievable: We must be realistic and set some metrics that we know we can achieve, even if we have to invest more time or resources in it.
Relevant: We can obtain a large amount of data from our actions in Social Networks, but we must select which data is relevant and which will help us to improve and which will not.
Bounded in Time: We must select the periodicity with which we are going to control this KPI (weekly, monthly, annually, …).
Advantages of establishing KPIs
They offer valuable information for your company or brand.
They allow us to measure and control the results that we are obtaining in each strategy we carry out through our Social Networks.
They allow you to easily compare the results of each action we have carried out on our Social Networks.
They help improve decision making .
They offer a global vision of the situation of your company or brand.
They show which are your weak points (what we must improve) and what are your strong points (what we must enhance).
How to define a KPI?
It is important that you ask yourself some questions to know what information you want to measure according to the objectives you have in your strategy in Social Networks, since not all the information will be relevant for each case.

What do you want to measure?Why do you want to measure it?With the follow-up of its result, can we know if we are meeting any of our objectives?Is it a key factor for our brand or company?How often should we measure it?Who is going to measure it?
Ideally, define at least one or two KPIs for each objective you have on social networks.When we define the KPIs that we are going to measure in our social networks, we are generally focusing on measuring the interactions that our followers are making on our content.But we are going to see what indicators we can obtain from each of the most used social networks in Spain.
I accept the Privacy Policy I love you!Responsible: Jessica Quero Purpose: Manage the sending of the checklist and notifications about social media, Internet security and digital Honduras Phone Number List . Legitimation: Consent of the interested party.
Recipients: The electronic bulletins or newsletter are managed by entities whose headquarters and servers are within the territory of the EU or by entities covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, complying with the precepts of the European Data Protection Regulation in terms of privacy and security. Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.Engagement formula As you have seen, one of the most common KPIs in social networks is engagement. But how can we know our engagement?There are two formulas to find out, one according to our impressions and the other according to our followers:In this case, we are giving the same value to all the interactions, but not all of them have the same value. For this reason, in my case, I like to make weights according to the interactions of each social network, giving more value to actions such as commenting or sharing and less to “likes”.Note: In the template that you have available to download are the weighted formulas according to each social network.

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Tools to measure KPIs in Social Networks
Many tools can be used to measure the KPIs of your social networks, even some tools already give you the information of the engagement percentage, saving you from using the formula.In this case, I am going to list the ones that I think are essential to fill in the downloadable template that I have created and that you can use to analyze and control your results on social networks.
Facebook Insights It is the tool that Facebook has by default and that offers you statistics on your company pages.
It is very complete and offers you a lot of interesting information about your results in that social network: followers, likes, reach, visits, etc.In addition, it allows you to add other Facebook business pages to establish a small comparison between yours and the ones you add.To access this tool, you must access your Facebook company page and select the Statistics option from the top bar that appears in the Fan Pages.Instagram statistics This Instagram option is only for business accounts, so if you have a personal account you will not be able to see its statistics.In it, you can see visits, clicks on the site, interactions, reach, impressions, followers, etc.To access them, you must click on the icon in the shape of a bar graph that will appear in the Instagram mobile app, in your profile tab.Twitter Analytics On Twitter we also have a statistics tool that is very good and that gives us a lot of information, such as impressions, visits, mentions, followers, etc. KPIs Twitter Analytics
To access this information, Aol Email List we must click on our profile photo (in the upper bar of Twitter) and select the Analytics option. A new tab will open with all the information filtered for the last 28 days and classified by months below.YouTube Insights
This tool is integrated into the social network and gives you information about views, likes, comments, dislikes, subscribers, etc.

KPIs YouTube Insights
To access it, you must have a channel, access it and click on Creator Studio. You will find the analytics in the Analytics tab of the YouTube study sidebar.Google analytics This tool is free and, in addition to being essential if you have a website, it is also essential for your social networks.With it, you can analyze the visits that come to your website or blog from social networks.
To do this, you must access the Acquisition → Social Media section and you will see which are the social networks from which traffic reaches your website.You can know sessions, conversions, visits, users, bounce rate, etc.KPIs Google Analytics
Metricool This analytics tool social networking I really like. It is paid, but it has a free version in which you can use 1 profile and 3 social media accounts.I already told you about it in the post of best hours to publish on social networks and in the post on how to know who does not follow you on Twitter and Instagram and, in addition to serving you for this, it also helps you measure your actions.With this tool we can know the mentions, likes, followers, comments, engagement, Discount
It is very important to measure your results on social networks to know if you are doing things well, focusing on achieving your goals, or you are deviating from the path. Also, if you don’t measure, you won’t know what to improve in your strategy.

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