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Website Monitoring – Zoom on 20+ free and paid tools

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Website Monitoring – Zoom on 20+ free and paid tools

Do you have a website and you want to be sure that your website is “available” for your visitors, to be notified in real time of a possible problem, to estimate the loading speed of your website? To do this, many free or paid monitoring tools are available to you, but how do you identify the right tool for your activity?  In this article we present our 3 favorite solutions, we remind you of the main factors that impact the performance of your website, then we share with you our selection of the best free and paid tools.  To start our overview of web monitoring tools, let’s focus on the 3 favorite solutions of the La Fabrique du Net team, and it’s an understatement to say that we have seen them happen since 2010.

Presentation Based in Portugal Phone Number List since 2010, Uptime Robot has grown into a popular and respected website monitoring service provider. Your websites are tested from over 20 locations around the world. Acquired in 2014 by SolarWinds, Pingdom is a very complete monitoring solution that measures the performance of major brand sites, in particular Amazon. Uptime is an industry leader and checks your website at minute intervals from 30 different locations on 6 /A Uptime Robot offers a free plan that includes 50 sites checked every 5 minutes. With the Pro plan, the price ranges from $ 5.50 / month for 50 sites to $ 746 / month for 20,000 websites.

Website Monitoring – Top 3 Best Tools

From $ 14.95 per month for the Starter plan to $ 199 per month for the Professional plan. Starting at $ 16 / month, Uptime offers a free trial. The 5 main factors that impact the performance of your website Server performance The performance of a web server has a direct impact on the performance of your website. Each time a browser sends a request to your server, it asks it to load or transmit certain data to your website. If your server is not healthy, these requests will take longer to process. In most cases, your hosting provider is responsible for maintaining the servers. If your website uses shared hosting and regularly struggles with resource issues



you may want to consider switching providers or upgrading to a higher plan with more CPU, RAM, and disk space. If you have stand-alone hosting, you can refer to this guide for monitoring web servers. Businesses across multiple geographic locations need to ensure that their website performance remains consistent globally. However, if your website is hosted in one region (for example, California), but receives traffic from other regions (for example, Europe), the user experience will vary by region. In other words, the same page can load faster in the US than in Europe.

The 5 main factors that impact the performance of your website

In this case, you can consider setting up a CDN ( content delivery network ). A CDN is a network of additional server nodes distributed around the world to ensure faster response times and reduce latency. These nodes typically cache your website’s static content, including CSS and JavaScript files, images, and other components. The ubiquity of broadband and 4G networks has enabled businesses to deliver a better customer experience through rich multimedia content. Today, most customer websites feature high resolution images. As a result, the average weight of web pages has also increased.

However, as the page weight increases, it may take longer to load. In order for your site’s pages to load faster, all images and elements should be optimized or compressed as much as possible. Besides compression, there are other techniques for optimizing page size. For example, instead of hosting video content on your servers, you can use any streaming service. Script or code questions Every major website is built with thousands of lines of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code. The density and complexity of code also increases with the evolution of websites. Often, several scripts are executed in parallel. In such situations, more web server calls than expected can cause increased latency.

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