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We are the best Facebook Pitch Academy 2020 Agency!

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We are the best Facebook Pitch Academy 2020 Agency!

How do you read it! We have been named as the best agency for Facebook Solutions by the platform itself in the Pitch Academy 2020. This award not only recognizes us as one of the most prepared Facebook partners in Spain, but, together with our position in the TOP 10 among the best Social Media agencies nationwide , is one more step towards being the best independent Spanish agency on Facebook.Independent Agencies and 1 challenge: Facebook Pitch Academy.Being one of the few Spanish agencies that is an official partner of Facebook, in addition to being a recognition of our results, has some advantages, and this has been one of them, being able to participate in the first Facebook Pitch Academy. This event brought together 9 of the best Spanish independent agencies around a real  Slovenia Phone Number List pitch.The challenge? Present a complete strategy to increase billing in the Facebook environment that was innovative, disruptive, but above all very, very focused on business.

To deal with it, Elogia organized a multidisciplinary team that would allow addressing the brand’s problem, and its potential, from all possible digital areas and not only from the Social Ads and Social Media layer. The members of this team were part of our Dev Ops, Business, UX, Social Media and of course Social Paid department. With this dream team, for 3 days, they worked on a unique proposal that would respond to the challenge posed from Facebook. Thanks to the efforts of this interdisciplinary team, we managed to win the recognition of being the winning agency of this pitch.Our team focused on developing a proposal that understood the complete user cycle from the point of view of generating business. The strategy was based on an infinity game concept in which each user was treated not only as a one-off transaction, but as a potential long-term customer., and with the LTV KPI at the center of the strategy. For this, it was vital to conceptualize a correct conversion attribution process, regardless of the device and medium, as well as a continuous testing plan so that optimization was dynamic and in real time. To treat this strategy holistically, analyzing the moments of synergy between the Social Media Social Paid was also another key aspect to be addressed in the global communication axis of the campaign, in both areas the creative part in terms of formats was also present, proposing interactive creatives that integrate AR.In essence, it was a fun and exciting exercise , in which agencies could unleash all our knowledge and know-how to get the most out of the strategy set out in a current context.

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In this way, the Facebook team has tried to take its partners first-hand to another level, facing them in a friendly way, not only with this learning challenge, but also to push them with its network of specialists to find the most disruptive solutions for their advertisers.
The award, a great recognition as an independent agency and a trip to Dublin.Winning the number one pole position in this competition was only the first step towards a broader recognition that will allow us to represent Spain in a similar competition at EMEA level next year in Dublin. If the sanitary circumstances allow it, our team will travel to the neighboring country to face a new pitch against the rest of the winning national independent agencies from the rest of Europe and Asia. We are already counting the days for this new meeting!This challenge has been part of the ecosystem that Facebook provides to its partner agencies to continue growing with its hand, and that of our clients. Precisely being able to be part of this program has also been key to the success of this call. Having a complete staff of professionals certified with Facebook Blue Print, having access to Aol Email List reports, as well as platform betas and optimization and measurement tips are important aspects when it comes to making an efficient strategy for any brand.In short, thanks to this program we will be able to further optimize the investment of our advertisers, having access to consultation materials and specific training on measurement, creatives, and other relevant topics for the growth of our clients. And undoubtedly a recognition like this that comes from Facebook is a reward for good work and our commitment to always be one step ahead of the trends to come.

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