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Video Marketing, the digital strategy with which you will reach all your audiences quickly

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Video Marketing, the digital strategy with which you will reach all your audiences quickly

The consumption of videos on the Internet leaves us with very relevant data; and it is that the search for this audiovisual format already represents 84% of the traffic in the entire network .For their part, and according to a recent study by Hubspot , around 80% of brands are already doing video New Zealand Phone Number List in their content strategy.Today I want to talk to you about video marketing , a digital strategy that allows you to reach audiences that may not know you through other more traditional means. I will give you some tips for creating attractive videos , and we will also look at 5 marketing strategies that work very well with video as the protagonist.Are we going to improve your content strategy?What is video marketing and why should you integrate it into your digital strategy?Video marketing is a digital marketing tool based on the use of audiovisual elements , which seeks to achieve the fulfillment of the different objectives of a digital marketing strategy .Put more simply, video marketing is the inclusion of videos in your content marketing strategy .One of the main advantages of using videos in your digital marketing strategies is that this medium allows you to reach some target users who do not know you through other more traditional means. For example, generation Y and generation Z are the two user profiles that consume the most content in video format; although the consumption of this format is very widespread.With a video you can reach your audiences much more quickly and directly ; In addition, it is a very simple way to start something that will help you better connect with your brand’s followers and customers, connecting with them thanks to emotions .Let’s see in numbers the impact of video marketing on sales and ROI:90% of users recognize that watching a video of a product they are interested in helps them make a decision when buying it . And the fact is that the audiovisual content brings the product closer to them, as well as being very attractive.In fact, 64% of users who watch a video end up buying one of the products or services associated with it.The videos included in an email marketing strategy improve CTR dramatically , in addition to reducing user losses by up to 75%. In addition, the video is so attractive to users that it also increases the open rate.Viewing a video favors engagement . And is that 80% of users remember much more of a brand after having consumed a video of it. Think that one minute of video equals 1.8 million written words.This format is ideal for sharing your messages in a much more emotional and creative way.The impact of videos on social networks is very high , many times managing to viralize the content and further reinforce your brand authority. For example, tweets that include video triple the interaction between comments, likes and retweets.As you can see, video marketing is a strategy that provides very positive results for the companies that use it. The best thing about this tool is that you can use it wherever you want , on your website, in paid advertising campaigns, on your social networks, etc.A very striking fact that you cannot ignore is the benefit of video marketing in SEO positioning . A user can spend an average of 5 minutes viewing videos on a website, something that helps the natural positioning of the page.

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Creating videos for your content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be very expensive. In fact, I advise you to focus more on the strategy, the objective and the content, than on the means in which you will invest for its creation.Here are 8 tips that will help you create videos with which you will be able to connect and, therefore, have a good engagement with your audience:Be very clear about the objective you want to achieve : this is something too obvious, but it is good that you do not lose sight of the reason why you have decided to incorporate video marketing into your content strategy.Choose videos whose content invites users to interact . Always try to create content that can go viral. To do this, look for answers to the needs and concerns of your buyer client.
Get emotional marketing going . Always try to find the point of connection with your followers and clients through emotions. Take advantage of the potential of video to achieve this much-needed connection.Start your videos in a powerful way. Find a way to impact the mind of your audience from the first moment ; the first few seconds are vital to get attention and get them to stay to see all the content.Do not abuse time . The videos that are most successful among users, in general, are the shortest; especially, if you plan to share it on your social networks. Use copywriting and storytelling to share the message of your video. It is a very effective way of communicating with which you get more interactions, and differentiate yourself from those boring ads that no one wants to see anymore.Your client is the star of the video. Get the attention of your followers and customers by making them feel like protagonists of the content they are viewing. SEO is essential . You must take into account the optimization of your videos so that it adds the number of reproductions. Depending on the medium where you are going to publish your videos, you have to adapt your SEO strategy .Video Marketing Strategy5 very effective video marketing strategies Beyond making videos to present your brand, where you should take the opportunity to show your mission, vision and values, video marketing is present in a large number of digital strategies.Whatever your goal, video will always be a format that will return very positive data on both conversion and interaction .I am going to share with you 5 video marketing strategies that are working very well today, and with which you can achieve very good results.Incorporating video tutorials into your content marketing strategy only brings benefits for your brand. And, in addition to generating valuable content that is always very well received by users, you are bringing traffic to your website , with the positive consequences that you already know.In addition, you are gaining the trust of your followers and clients; And this helps you a lot to increase your brand authority.

It is one of the biggest trends in video marketing today. The live broadcast through social networks generates a very positive impact on users.They can get to know your brand more closely, it allows them to ask questions live, they retain the information you provide them much better, they remember you more and for longer, etc.Take advantage of these live broadcasts to create branding and carry out digital marketing strategies for your brand. In addition, now you can direct on all social networks; even in some of them simultaneously. This format has become essential for all brands that want to make their content marketing strategy profitable . It is a conference, which can be recorded, where you make a presentation of your products and / or services so that the people who view this content buy from you at the end of its broadcast; in fact, it is good that you close with a powerful CTA.This format is also very useful when you want to launch a new line of business within your  Aol Email List. This video marketing format aims to get users to interact with the brand , and that this interaction represents a benefit for the company.For example, when you want to increase your community of subscribers, the interactive video format works very well. One of the most used ways in video marketing is to ask the user to leave an email address to finish watching a tutorial, for example.You already know that trust is the starting point in any business relationship. Users need to see that other people already enjoy your products and / or services with total satisfaction.The testimonies are vital to build trust with your leads ; And if you do them on video, the probability of increasing your sales increases significantly. Take advantage of this powerful tool to share with your community, on your website and on your social networks, the satisfaction of those who have already trusted your brand with this video marketing strategy.Video marketing has come to stay. Including this tool in your digital marketing strategies will help you reach your followers and customers more , as well as strengthen your brand image .Invest time in the generation of audiovisual content in your company, and you will see how the impact on sales and ROI improves .Have you already incorporated video marketing into your marketing strategies? How has this powerful tool benefited your sales results? Tell us! We would love to read you.


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