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UX vs UI: How the essential is invisible to the eyes

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UX vs UI: How the essential is invisible to the eyes

And having said that, we can start to get down to Uruguay Phone Number List! The main thing to open this post is to explain that the UX or user experience is the way the user perceives the navigation. This is reflected in all the elements that make up a website, from the distribution of elements to the naming of categories in an ecommerce. However, the UI or user interface is the graphical representation of these elements.

These two elements must go hand in hand, as an aesthetically correct interface alone would not work. It is necessary that behind a “beautiful” site there is a prior study of the components that make it up. In the same way, a UX study without UI would not stop being a wireframe, a sketch or document with a navigation proposal. The UI is necessary for a web concept to exist as such.UX would be to define how users should use a form and the UI is to display the form elements correctly.To guarantee that we are understanding it 100%, before moving on to the next point, we leave you a couple of examples of what UX and IU would be “in real life” Either starting from a new web project or a CRO web improvement project , it is necessary that certain aspects are considered in a UX project . We remember that the UX is focused on users and its objective is to facilitate their understanding and navigation through the site.To understand the needs of the user and how they navigate the web, it is necessary that we have some knowledge of the service offered by our site.Let’s take as an example two opposite poles, an ecommerce for vehicles and another for tickets for concerts . In one there is a more rational, thoughtful and less impulsive purchase intention, while in the other it is the opposite. It is usually a faster and less thoughtful purchase. In vehicle ecommerce, much more information is displayed easily to find contact and follow-up methods, greater customer loyalty. On the contrary, in event ecommerce, it is more important to take the user to checkout, prioritizing purchase orders and avoiding distractions.

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This research will help us with the approaches that are established in the following phases of the UX process. We must bear in mind that despite the existence of guides, there are no closed rules for user experience, since each site and service have specific needs.As we said there are no exact rules in terms of usability but we can rely on certain information and basic guides. Among them we can base ourselves on a heuristic evaluation, a benchmark or usability tests. These elements are based on the UX designers’ own experience and previous studies with basic concepts that are applicable to all sites. Some of them may not apply to our site but they do work in general terms. The heuristic evaluation, for example, works as a checklist of notions of usability that will help us not to ignore any concept.These tests and analyzes serve us not only when starting a web project but also to give continuity, for example, to an already active ecommerce. The UX is something that must be alive and always in the process of improvement, adapting to the needs of the users.The most important element once a solid structural and navigation base has been established.Data analysis means listening to what users have to say about our site. It is the most important opinion since our final objective must always be to facilitate your navigation.We can use various tools to collect this information such as heat maps , session recording, direct feedback , etc. In a broader concept, we can use analytics- type tools to analyze user navigation flows, page times, bounce rate, etc. With this data we can detect problematic pages or sections of our site that do not work correctly. The objective of the analysis is to learn how users interact with our site.Let’s present another example, in this case let’s say we detect a page with a high bounce rate. We should review the usability of the page as well as add session recording and heat maps to try to detect why there is this difference compared to other pages on our site.

The user interface includes all the visual elements that make up the site. We must bear in mind that each element of our site has a functionality and must be made according to both the needs of the site and a correct functionality.Very important items on our site since they are the main elements that users will use. They must have a very clear functionality, and depending on the type of element apply visual hierarchy to guide the user. To this we have to add the complexity of adapting these elements to the brand style of our site without straying too far from the default web styles since they are the most recognized by users.The multimedia elements such as images, icons and others should not have a solely aesthetic functionality , we must use them as graphical support to the content. They are the best tool we have to improve understanding of texts.Other graphic elements such as the choice of fonts and color palettes are of great importance as a means of conveying implicit content information.By this we mean, for example, the hierarchies of the texts to make it easier for users to correctly interpret the different elements of our site . We must get them to identify in a simple way, what is the name of the product, the price, the description, Aol Email List  etc.The feedback that users receive from the site. From error messages to an item that tells us that the web is loading. A form must correctly inform the user how to complete the fields, if he does not do so, it is very easy for the user to leave said form. The interaction design is the great forgotten and yet one of the most powerful tools to facilitate user navigation.In short, one system does not work without the other. We must take care of these two aspects of our site to achieve correct usability. No matter how much user analysis we do, if we then have some CTAs that due to their composition the user does not correctly interpret that they are CTAs, we will not achieve conversions in it. In the same way that if we have a visually attractive website but users are not able to find the checkout, we will not sell either.The UX and the UI must always be worked together, taking into account the experience acquired with the analyzed information, whether from user analysis or prior knowledge. And remember, if you need help to apply all this theory that we have told you, you can contact us, we are the ux agency you are looking for

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