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Understand the impact of Micro Moments on the

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Understand the impact of Micro Moments on the

The micro moments are that space of time in which the consumer seeks information or explanation on the internet. And in this research, the companies that appear, come out ahead in the opportunity to make a good impact of micro moments on the consumer. The purchase journey has varied greatly in recent years and details can be a differentiator for the customer’s choice to purchase a product or service, which is why the impact of micro moments is so important. The fact that we are increasingly connected and with access to several search engines, makes the purchase journey more and more detailed. Consumers have tools that compare prices, search for the company’s reputation, analyze comments on product reviews, among other information that influences their purchase.

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And in these moments mentioned above the micro moments it is possible to notice the consumer’s intention and how far they are Vietnam Phone Number List from a purchase decision. Since the impact of micro moments has become so great, google has created steps. They are: i want to know; i wanna go; i want to do; i want to buy. Types of micro moments the moment: i want to know is when the user wants to know more about something and makes a search about it. What i want to go is about the intention to get somewhere, that is, the search for an address, or even the use of geolocation to indicate the desired path. What i want to do is the moment when the user can’t ask for help from someone and looks for how to do it on the internet.

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There are tutorials videos and do it yourself” posts i want to buy is when the person does a search in which he reveals his AOL Email List intention to buy. This survey usually has the name of the product or service, and points out how decided the person is about the purchase. Impact of micro moments one of the main reasons for the size of the impact of micro moments on the buying journey is the many opportunities to shape consumer preferences and influence in a favorable way for the company. To use micro moments in your digital marketing strategy, you need to understand how to be useful to your audience when they need it most. With relevant content to answer all questions, for example, and still deliver a good experience.

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