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Top marketers don’t want to get out of their comfort zone: the strategy for this year will be to keep risks low

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Top marketers don’t want to get out of their comfort zone: the strategy for this year will be to keep risks low

Studies, analyzes and forecasts of all kinds may appear. They did so during the economic crisis of a decade ago, when experts insisted on the importance of innovation to get out of the situation, and possibly one of the trends that lie ahead in terms of recommendations. Despite this, and despite the fact that it is repeated over and over again, when push comes to shove and when making business decisions, companies tend to bet on austerity and on the safest thing. Expenses that are considered superfluous are reduced, cuts of all kinds are made and the maxim that known bad is better than unknown is used as a guide. This affects all branches of the business, including marketing. For marketers, these crisis situations often imply a reduction in resources, both in talent and budget. Their bosses hope that they will continue to motivate consumers to buy Iran Mobile Database, but they give them much less room for maneuver (margin that is already, in normal times, quite slim). So it is not surprising to find that marketers, in difficult times, opt for the least risky and that this is what they are expected to do this year.

If there is one word to summarize the marketing strategy that is coming, the risk must be crossed off the list. Thus, the latest Gartner study makes it very clear. Despite expectations and despite what they would like to see happen to their economic data and market position, marketers will stick with what they already know. Most Marketers Better Risk-Free The figures show it. 73% of top marketing managers, chief marketing officers, acknowledge that they will base their marketing strategy and activity to increase sales on the consumers they already have. That is, they will not do great crazy things, they will not try to expand and they will not go out of their comfort zone. They will not seek to open or develop new markets, but will stay where they are already weathering the storm. They will go back to low risk, even if it means low returns, to survive 2021. “Focusing on existing consumers has a number of benefits for CMOs, such as being low cost and low risk,” explains Jay Wilson, company analyst.

Using the usual products For some even, as the conclusions of the Gartner CMO Strategic Priorities Survey 2021 point out , all elements of the equation will be a repetition of what we already have. 39% of CMOs say they will focus on selling the products Brother Cell Phone List they already have to consumers they have already captured in the past. 34% will continue to appeal to their usual consumers, but at least they will do so by using new products. In front of them, only 7% will try to enter a new market with new products and 18% in a new market with the assets that they already have as a strategy to increase sales during 2021. All this happens, even so, while the top marketers want to reinvent certain elements of their marketing strategies and actions. However, staying in the low risk zone, they recall in the Gartner analysis, is essentially incompatible with reinvention.

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