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To know, and break down the loading time of a website, many free tools exist:

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To know, and break down the loading time of a website, many free tools exist:

Tools Pingdom, Web the loading time of , Google Page Speed ​​Insights, Dare boost, etc. Most tools, including Google Page Speed, give concrete recommendations to improve performance (cache optimization, CSS minify, image compression, etc.) but a good technical culture is often necessary to understand and implement these the loading time of .Key questions to analyze the loading time of a website Is the charging time less than 2 seconds? (taking into account the variations within a day, especially for sites hosted on a shared server or a VPS, and the difference between the first and second load when the cache is set up)

Tracking Google Page Speed ​​is essential in any SEO strategy . The recommendations are light, Kuwait Phone Number List they are Very useful for performing performance tests under specific conditions and for comparing the load time between the first session and the following sessions to assess the impact of the cache. At a time when 38% of web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, a website must be perfectly accessible regardless of the device used. Simply put, two solutions exist: responsive design which allows you to change CSS properties according to the size of the screen used and the dedicated mobile site which involves managing two websites (often a false good idea…).

but a good technical culture is often necessary to understand and implement

To test the rendering of a website on many devices, no need to borrow your friends’ smartphones, several tools allow you to do this job easily. Browser Stack has established itself for 2 or 3 years as the benchmark tool in the field, but free alternatives exist such as Modern.ie or Browser Shots . Since the update of April 21, 2014, mobile compatibility is a very important criterion for the referencing of a site on queries executed from a smartphone. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you ensure that Google considers the website to be mobile-friendly. The Mobile Usability report in Google Webmaster Tools gives you the number of pages containing mobile ergonomics problems according to Google.


Two packages are available on eReserv. The 1st “Lite” is available at € 60 per year with an extended dashboard, management of the status of reservations, etc. The second package is the “Pro” package at € 100 per year which includes all the features necessary for the proper functioning of your business. Flexy.co, to manage your reservations online from your smartphone, tablet or computer Flexy is the simplest solution for beauty professionals to manage their business, attract and retain more connected customers. Available on smartphone, tablet or computer, Flexy is the first all-in-one solution that combines: cash register software, online reservation and online store

The 1st “Lite” is available at € 60 per year with an extended dashboard

. In short, Flexy allows beauty professionals to spend less time in day-to-day management and more time with their clients, while reaching new clients via the internet, keeping control of their internet distribution while remaining independent. The work of graphic layout is different, more creative, we must leave more freedom to the web designer. As a client, you must give graphic inspiration, and above all explain the positioning of your brand, but you must be careful not to restrict the creativity of the web designer by giving too detailed instructions. If you’ve passed on functional mockups and a precise creative brief ,

you’ll already be the cream of the crop, and your designer will have all the cards in hand, and often more motivation, to deliver gorgeous graphic mockups! In conclusion, I hope that we have convinced you to devote time to the website mock-up phase. This is a key step in building a website that is both enjoyable and effective. And so that your website is really adapted to its target, we cannot repeat enough that it is very useful to confront your models as soon as possible to people outside the project. Creating a strong user experience is a profession, User Experience Designer, whose essential qualities are listening and the determination to continuously improve one’s work.

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