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Thousands of Products Offered by Traders Around You. 5% Commissions Digitize Your Business

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Thousands of Products Offered by Traders Around You. 5% Commissions Digitize Your Business

Monpetit-Ecommerce Buy your fresh products online from your merchants in stores or in the markets. 40 € + 4% commissions + registration fees Teekers The local, efficient and responsible shopping site. Thousands of products offered by traders around you. 5% commissions Digitize your business – Tools to optimize your internal processes Beyond providing you with an online presence, digital tools can also allow you to optimize and rationalize your internal processes and therefore make you more efficient in your work. Concretely, this translates, for example, into solutions allowing you to communicate more quickly internally or to share resources and therefore to use less paper. Two examples among many others that we have listed below. 5 process automation solutions Last name

Presentation Prices Honduras WhatsApp Number List Integromat Integromat is a fairly simple tool that allows you to automate your workflow. This tool gives you almost limitless possibilities depending on the tasks you need to perform. From social networks to project management to customer support. All these sectors can benefit from the automation offered by Integromat. Basic – € 7 Standard – 25 € Business – 75 € Platinum – 240 € Zapier Zapier is a great tool that allows almost anyone to do work that traditionally requires the help of developers. It lets you connect the web apps you use, making it easy to automate tedious tasks. Starter – 15 € Professional – 40 € Team – 240 € Company – 400 € Automaton Automate is an efficient solution that helps you integrate your cloud-based applications.

All These Sectors Can Benefit From the Automation Offered by Integromat

Using this tool, you can create your own complex workflows (called Bots) and automate marketing, e-commerce, and business processes. Startup – € 40 € Growth – 80 € Business – 160 € Enterprise – 320 € jarvee Jarvee Manage all your social media accounts from one easy to use interface: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr. Starter – 30 € Regular – € 50 Professional – 70 € happy scribe Happy scribe Automatic transcription and caption generator in over 119 languages ​​- Audio to text and video to text. On demand 7 shared knowledge bases Last name Presentation Prices google Google By creating a Google account, you have free access to 15 GB of storage shared between Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.


With Google Drive you can very easily store your files, photos, images, audio files, videos and other types of files, organize them by folder and especially share them with your employees, partners or customers. 100 GB – 2 € 1 TB – 10 € 10 TB – 100 € Notion Compatible with Mac, Windows and Mobiles, Notion is a great option for teams. Whether it’s documents, notes, goals, or company practices, you can store it all for easy access. Personal Pro – 3 € Team – 7 € / member Slite Slite is an application that allows teams to share and collaborate on notes. You can keep private notes in your account. When notes are shared, users can collaboratively edit them or discuss them in a comments section. Standard- 5 € dropboxpaper Dropbox Dropbox Paper has a web app, as well as Android and iOS mobile apps.

Whether It’s Documents, Notes, Goals, or Company Practices

Dropbox Paper has been officially described as “a flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together. With Paper, teams can create, review, manage and organize – all in shared documents  Professional – 17 € Standard – 10 € / user Advanced – € 15 / user Slab Slab lets you organize your content and pin the most important ones at the top for easier access. Team members can comment, create new content, and have real-time discussions. Startup – 5 € Business – 10 € Getoutline It is the fastest knowledge base for teams. The tool is beautiful, feature-rich, markdown compatible, and open source. Starter – € 7 Team – 65 € Business – 200 € onlyoffice Onlyoffice Onlyoffice is an open source office suite that lets you manage documents, projects, team and client relationships in one place.

Home Server – 140 € Single Srver – 1020 € Lifetime license 5 internal communication tools Last name Presentation Prices Slack Slack allows teams to create discussion groups called “channels” for transparent and open communication. It has an easy to use user interface, which allows new users to quickly get acquainted with the platform. Standard- 6 € More – 12 € Frontapp Front is the platform that allows you to communicate with both your customers and your collaborators in one place. Starter – € 7 More – 20 € Premium – 40 € Enterprise – 65 € monday Monday Monday synchronizes all the information exchanged between your teams in a single hub.

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