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This free wireframing solution has all the basic features to create mockups from predefined templates.

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This free wireframing solution has all the basic features to create mockups from predefined templates.

You can download shape libraries from the internet if you need to deeply customize your mockups. This free wireframing solution is available online and offers several templates to facilitate the creation of your models. This solution Mock Flow is available online and has many customizable templates. This tool is collaborative and quick to learn Fluid UI can be used on several platforms such as Android or IOS. This tool has many elements allowing the Once the functional models are produced, and “challenged” by those around you, it is time to move on to the graphic mock-up phase. If wireframe software is very easy to access, the same is not true for graphics software, and in particular the Adobe suite.

You can’t improvise a web designer overnight, you just have to launch Adobe Israel Phone Number List to be convinced. This software reigns supreme in the creation of graphic models. Powerful, flexible and suitable for the cutting phase necessary for integration in HTML / CSS, it is the reference. Among the alternatives, we can cite Gimp (open source) or Paint Shop Pro, but hey ..dominance of Adobe Photoshop in this segment is such that the associated file format, .PSD, has become a noun in the jargon of web professionals. From the tree structure to the Photoshop mockups of the website To help you organize the production phase of the models, we will unfold the main steps. Naturally, this organization must be adapted to the needs and constraints of your project.

This tool is collaborative and quick to learn Fluid UI can be used on several platforms such as Android or IOS

Before thinking about the layout, you need to have an overview of the site. This is very important in order to be able to identify page “models”, that is to say the structures which are common to several pages. For example, the “blog article” or “product sheet” model. It is of course the functional mockups of these page models that you are going to make first. In addition to its interest in the production of wireframes, the tree structure is very useful for designing effective customer journeys and preparing the internal linking of pages for natural referencing purposes. It is generally a very good exchange medium between all the members of a team, the tree structure crystallizes many key points of the website creation project. We strongly recommend that you start working on the tree structure from the start of your thoughts on your web project


As a first step, we advise you to make only the wireframes of the main pages, or models of pages. There are two reasons for this advice. First, it will allow you to identify graphical components to reuse in secondary pages. And by experience, it is common that by making the models of the main pages, we modify the initial tree structure. It is rather recommended to work on the wireframes in a rather iterative way, by successive improvements. Concretely, this would mean, making a quick drawing of the 3 key pages of the customer journey, asking for opinions, then reworking these 3 pages by perhaps going into more detail, asking for more opinions, reworking the 3 pages and adding more. 3 others, and so on.

It is generally a very good exchange medium between all the members of a team,

It may seem tedious, but I assure you that an iterative approach of this type can be very effective, but it often supposes a change of state of mind (cf. practical sheet on the methodology , in particular agile)
Once the wireframes of the main pages have been validated, we recommend that you reconcile all the pages to identify all of the “graphic components” common between the pages. By “component”, we mean blocks, tables or tabs, all graphic objects that can be reused. The interest of this work is to try to reuse the same components as much as possible. The interest is not only to limit (a little) the development time, it is especially essential to create a strong and harmonious browsing experience, with a strong strong consistency between the pages.

It is now time to go into detail and work on the more secondary page models. The question of the optimal level of detail in a wireframe is a huge debate (texts, alignments, margins, etc.). It all depends, of course, on the web designer we work with. On a personal note, this is a question I address in my first discussion with the web designer of the project. I rarely get an explicit answer, but it helps me identify the profile and the level of freedom I want. Generally, I give little detail on the first pages, and then I adjust according to the first graphic models delivered. This is the nicest part of playing the role of the client. During the functional mock-up phase, it is the project leader, the one who knows his target and his market, who must direct, or at least structure, the wireframing work, even if it is not himself. the models.

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