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The Use Of Multiple Plug-Ins To Supplement Native

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The Use Of Multiple Plug-Ins To Supplement Native

The use of multiple plug-ins to Use of Multiple Plug- native capabilities – including for functions as essential as SEO optimization or even analytics – nonetheless creates complexity and can require significant administration and Use of Multiple Plug- efforts. The platform itself and the additions installed do not necessarily evolve at the same rate, it is not uncommon for incompatibility problems to arise during updates on one side or the other. Rigorous management of updates and upstream tests on plugin updates are therefore recommended to avoid malfunctions, and in this regard WordPress quickly shows its limits for complex web projects or requiring good website scalability.

WordPress also Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List real vigilance in terms of security, its popularity making it a privileged target for hackers. Finally, note that hosting is not included, and that WordPress does not provide technical support. Regarding this last point, the many community forums nonetheless generally make it possible to resolve the problems encountered. seo-agency Discover the best rated web agencies according to their specialty Showcase website creation Ecommerce website creation Mobile app The best agencies Joomla! Born from a “fork” of CMS Mambo, Joomla! has long been at the top of the most popular CMS on the market, until the arrival of WordPress, and has been losing ground for a few years now.

The Platform Itself and the Additions Installed Do Not Necessarily Evolve at the Same Rate

Open source and generalist, Joomla! Today still attracts many individuals and professionals especially for its native multisite capability, but also its diverse themes and adaptive design, its low cost (the base code is free and the majority of its extensions remain inexpensive), as well as its ability to take charge of a wide range of projects (blog, showcase site, e-commerce, etc.). Rather easy to install and configure, and better secure than in the past, Joomla! is, on the other hand, more complex to use than WordPress. Comparatively, its native functionalities are more complete, but here again, the installation of extensions, developed by the large Joomla!


Community, is often necessary, similarly quickly generating complexity and administrative overload and at the same time penalizing the scalability. Joomla! offers little support: in the event of a problem, here too, you will often have to seek help from the community on the forums or call on a developer. Finally, it should be noted that web hosting is not included. Shopify Shopify is one of the most used CMS dedicated to e-commerce. This cloud-hosted solution is easy to learn, and the platform takes care of configuring all the technical aspects of the online store: hosting, payment gateways, updates, etc. The designs offered, fully customizable and adaptable to mobiles, allow you to quickly create your store and its content, and the SEO features facilitate SEO on search engines.

Rather Easy to Install and Configure, and Better Secure Than in the Past

Support is provided through forums, email or online messaging. The native functionalities, which are sometimes insufficient, may nevertheless have to be supplemented by the addition of plug-ins, which here too may lead to incompatibilities during updates, create complexity and administrative overhead, and affect scalability. In addition, in addition to the subscription to be paid (Basic Shopify, Shopify or Advanced Shopify), fees are deducted from each transaction (except with Shopify Payments). Square Space Hosted and paid online CMS often highlighted for the aesthetics of its templates, Square Space is a turnkey solution that allows you to quickly create a site with a modern and sleek design, without any code manipulation or extension to install.

The content is also automatically responsive and updates are automatic. The Square Space offer covers the choice of domain name , hosting, SEO optimization, updates as well as analytics. Full technical support is also included. If Square Space templates are certainly very design, they remain limited in number, which can be problematic to stand out despite the few possible customizations. These heavy photo templates can also penalize loading times, to the detriment of SEO. Although its use remains relatively simple, Square Space can also prove to be a little more difficult to handle than other CMS. Its style editor, in particular, is not literally a drag-and-drop editor, and it takes a bit of time to master.

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