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The Trust Gap Influencers

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The Trust Gap Influencers

Do you also hear – or do you have – these kinds of wishes UK Phone Number List within your organization? Then you are not alone! Promoting (online) interaction and participation is very topical. Not in the least because of the Environment Act , which prescribes that governments will soon have to do much more in collaboration with citizens and entrepreneurs: make plans and policy, implement UK Phone Number List and evaluate. The introduction of the law has been postponed to January 2022. And that offers room to think (even) better about an online platform and community building. Participation platform, online community, social platform? But first let’s talk about the terms, which we also use interchangeably here. They actually describe the same thing: an online environment, in which (mainly) the user also has a voice and a role.

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So you don’t just send information, but you enter into a UK Phone Number List dialogue. Listen to what is going on and what is going on. The term ‘community’ is used for a group of people who could also meet in real-life around a certain subject, hobby or work . Do you experience setting UK Phone Number List up such a participation platform or online community as a barrier? Not necessary! Citizens and entrepreneurs are increasingly used to continuing offline conversations online (or vice versa). And the technology has now developed to such an extent – ​​and above all: safe enough – that government organizations can also take the step. So get started. These tips will help you on your way. 1. Set your goal and dare to let go Starting a social platform can be quite a challenge for a government organization.

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Moreover, we have the corporate site, the customer UK Phone Number List contact center. Consultation evenings and letters, don’t we? Developing a social platform means innovation, a different kind of contact, letting go of control more and giving users space. So think carefully about what you want with your platform. Do you really want to achieve an equal information position with UK Phone Number List maximum transparency? Vision and courage of involved directors are essential to take step 1. It is they who have to give the professional leeway and dare to let go. Not only now, but also later in the process. For example, when internally accounting for capacity and resources.

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