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The top 10 trends in the digital world for 2011

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The top 10 trends in the digital world for 2011

Multiplica, a consultancy for online strategy, digital call taiwan mobile from singapore and persuability, through 10 consultants located in six different countries, predicts which will be the 10 main trends in the digital world in 2011. From Silicon Valley itself, where Multiplica has recently opened offices, passing In Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Miami, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Sao Paulo, Multiplica’s consultants analyze the guidelines that will mark the path of the Internet and everything that surrounds it.From Madrid, Belén Cabezas emphasizes the importance of the search for the offer, the opportunity. In fact, according to their analysis, “coupon” and “discount” will be among the most searched words in Google in 2011. The purchase of products that are on sale will be the maximum, to such an extent that the opportunity will be bought, not the product. To this, Belén Cabezas adds “Google is going to acquire Groupon: each search will be a discount”.In the destiny of the Internet is written the immense possibilities offered by smartphones and, specifically, the creation of apps (applications developed for Apple devices). The Apple Appstore alone has exceeded 15 million app downloads per day. “Everyone creates apps for their business. However, the challenge will be to know, first, if we really need an app and, second, if so, what kind of app to build ”, says David Boronat from Silicon Valley.A service that will become increasingly important on mobile phones will be being able to pay with it. As stated by Álex Castellote from Barcelona, ​​”mobile phones, and specifically smartphones will become 2.0 purses”. The modernization of cities will push faster and more personal payment systems. In addition, virtual money will burst onto the scene. We will not only talk about Yens, Euros, Dollars, we will also talk about Facebook Credits.


Nicolás Visiers from Miami predicts that Web Analytics tools will incorporate social media metrics (as there are already some software on the market). It will begin to segment and optimize according to reputation, links and activities in social networks. “We will begin to offer products and services in our online stores based on user behavior in a massive way,” adds Visiers. There are more than 200,000 Chinese and Indian students graduating from American universities. Under this statement, Lina Jerves, from Santiago de Chile, warns that those same students will create very competitive e-commerce companies, with perfect prices for a slowing economy, and will challenge leading companies like Amazon. Fanpages will become as important or more important than corporate websites. There will even be companies that will only exist on Facebook. “It will be the year of Facebook-Commerce. From the concept of a static showcase we will move on to the product feed – a flow of offers that moves in real time and eminently social ”adds Roberto  Aol Email List  from Buenos Aires. It is the turn of vertical networks, such as Path, Fast Society or Instagram. “Games will become an important avenue of relationship. Financial and travel companies will launch games that will have more registered users than their own websites, ”says Lucía Barros, a Multiplica consultant in Mexico City. Oriol Ibars from Barcelona points out that an “old acquaintance” will once again regain her family throne, television. The integration of the Internet into television, the multitude of applications that make it up, have made it a platform for games and entertainment programmed by the user. In the same way, the services of the companies will be offered through different channels, mobile, tablet, computer and television. The empire of the tabletIn 2011, 2 out of every 10 computers sold will be a tablet. This will imply a new context of use. The tablet will be the protagonist of the home. According to Carlos Gaona, (Santiago de Chile) by the end of 2011, 20% of visits to a website will come from a tablet. For this reason, much more visual user experiences will be built and adapted to tactile interaction.Marketing strategies will be focused not so much on brand equity, but on creating satisfactory user experiences for the customer. In other words, service companies will put more focus on the user experience. As an example, there are banks, which increasingly focus on developing financial applications that create satisfactory user experiences. As Alejandro Dicovsky points out from Sao Paulo, the client will be the spokesperson, not the brand.

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