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The Rise Of Electronic Signature Solutions

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The Rise Of Electronic Signature Solutions

Digital transformation impacts all sectors of organizations and legal documents are no exception. Faster, less expensive and offering greater guarantees in terms of The Rise of Electronic , electronic signature solutions have experienced a real boom in recent years. Thus, the electronic signature market was valued at $ 3.72 billion in 2019 and is set to almost double by 2025. Dominated by American players such as Adobe with Adobe Sign, this market still sees the appearance of French solutions with Yousign in particular which is positioned today as a credible alternative. After presenting you in more detail what the electronic signature is and its advantages that push organizations to use it,

we will introduce you to Macedonia WhatsApp Number List . The electronic signature, a booming phenomenon What is the electronic signature? Electronic signature is a legal means of obtaining consent or approval on electronic documents or forms . It can replace a handwritten signature in virtually any process. Legally, the United States passed the ESIGN Act in 2000, which makes electronic signatures legal for virtually any use. Similar laws have been passed around the world, such as eIDAS in Europe, which make electronic signatures a legal and reliable way to sign important documents. What are the advantages of the electronic signature (Vs the classic signature)

It Can Replace a Handwritten Signature in Virtually Any Process

Beyond the obvious savings and time and money that companies benefit by avoiding having to travel to have contracts signed or to send them by post, the major advantage of the electronic signature is the reduction of risks. legal disputes. Indeed, the development of e-commerce and generally of the digital tools which today govern the relations of companies with their customers, as in banking in particular, entails a stronger need for data security during the transmission of sensitive information. . To gain the trust of their customers, organizations must offer highly secure solutions. Electronic signatures serve as the sender’s personal seal of authenticity on any electronic document.


The electronic signature has found its place particularly well in the following sectors: Sales and Marketing – Electronic signatures help you close business faster and free you from many time-consuming administrative tasks. Human Resources – Candidates and employees can complete and sign contracts and other hiring-related documents electronically quickly and securely. Law – Self-service access to digital documents – like confidentiality agreements and liability forms that can be signed electronically – helps move legal proceedings faster. An example of an electronic signature solution: Yousign A French player has therefore succeeded in carving out a place for itself in this buoyant market

To Gain the Trust of Their Customers, Organizations Must Offer Highly Secure Solutions

Yousign. Since its launch in 2013, the French company has grown significantly and today boasts nearly 4,000 customers including Allianz, Lemonway and Century 21. Subscribe to the La Fabrique du Net monthly Registration What does the tool consist of? The legal and certified signature solution offered by Yousign is supported by a 100% French cloud infrastructure. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, which are important assets for efficient deployment and rapid use of the tool by your teams. As a result, significant time savings, in particular thanks to the possibility of signing sepa direct debit mandates which automate recurring payments in a formal manner and above all centralized storage of your documents on an online platform which can facilitate many internal processes. .

With certifications for all the security levels you will need, Yousign allows you to process the main levels of electronic signatures, namely: Simple Advanced The other major advantage of the solution vis-à-vis its competitors is its positioning both as a software publisher (Saas platform) and as an approved trusted third party which allows Yousign to support its customers on the whole. of the process. Yousign prices Yousign rates In terms of prices, Yousign offers you two distinct approaches: A subscription plan, the price of which varies according to the number of users from € 25 per month and per user. For advanced features and further support for your teams in using the tool, there are also tailor-made formulas.

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