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The ‘Prosumers’, essential in the new online marketing strategies

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The ‘Prosumers’, essential in the new online marketing strategies

Vertiginous … this has been the upward path followed by online marketing strategies adopted by brands since SEO lost its hegemony in the world of online advertising.It is true that more and more awareness of a reality of great utility for brands is being made; the efficiency of how to call taiwan cell phone strategies in social networks is only possible if you have a consolidated online reputation and a good penetration in the market, but it is also true that the rise of next-generation mobile phones and mainly, the trend in Increased user interaction with brands from these devices increases marketing efficiency, making it essential to include them in the business plan to increase its efficiency.If we focus on the precepts that govern any business plan, we will realize that at the current moment, the analysis of the competition, the identification of the market niche, the establishment of added value and the possibility of establishing alliances and synergies in order to The opening of new horizons for brands is only possible through a good marketing strategy.But … how is the information obtained in the elaboration of our business plan translated into efficient marketing strategies?We are going through a cycle in which of those classic four P’s that governed marketing, we have placed ourselves in three new P’s.Today, consumers and producers result in their integration to a figure of relevance for all the actors involved: Prosumers, who are united with protection and promotion, in this new way to go for marketing.This awareness places us in a scenario in which, thanks to the integration of the figures, a framework is established in which consumer protection results in efficient promotion for the brand.Brands must be aware that the rise of Smartphones in the market implies structural modifications in business plans, today it is necessary to include the prosumer as the central axis of marketing strategies, since it will only be thanks to the promotion they carry out of brands and products depending on their efficiency, that the planned objectives are achieved.


The time is here and now, the development of a business plan prior to the implementation of a marketing strategy has to be focused on studying the intrinsic needs of the model.This scenario occurs as a consequence of two fundamental facts; the growing concern for privacy and the fusion between producers and consumers, where the mobile Web has played a decisive role thanks to the underlying information in geologalization platforms, which, even being in its initial phase, allows the identification of needs and interests each time more specific.Today consumers are transformed into media, they are producers in the field of promotion and this new figure has not only resulted in a modification in the  Aol Email List  paradigms, but also has very positive projections in the field of purchases wholesale.To conclude, we can determine that the business plan prior to starting a new online business or investing in advertising and marketing must take into account that today, all consumers and producers are the same person. The analysis of the competition and the identification of added value, central axes of a business plan, acquires another dimension with the arrival of Prosumers.The return to the values ​​inherent to the human being acquires a new meaning when we speak of a scenario in which all those involved carry out an active work in the field of consolidating the reputation, knowledge and promotion of the brand, with a commitment to quality on the rise …Yes, today definitely, the variables of a business plan must be studied from the framework of commitment, with privacy, with protection and with the opening of clean channels through which the necessary feedback circulates to continue achieving more and more quality and more and more opportunities.

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