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The new power of consumers to influence the true ‘character and social responsibility’ of companies

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The new power of consumers to influence the true ‘character and social responsibility’ of companies

In a recent Forbes article, Simon Main waring, an expert consultant in social branding, delved into the latest Harvard Business Review publication through which special attention is paid to two important trends or phenomena related to social media and business.The first of them refers to the increasing importance given on how to use social media correctly to expand brand qatar mobile market . Second, the relentless pressure on companies to be more socially responsible and the rethinking of creating more value as a long-term strategy and investment.Social media is about to evolve beyond what it currently is, a marketing and branding tool. In the next few years, if not before, social media will become a powerful tool that consumers will use aggressively in order to influence business attitudes, forcing companies to take greater responsibility, moving everything towards a practice. more sustainable of capitalism.The evolution of social media is a solid mechanism for social transformation that is already visible. Despite many critics, who insist that tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are nothing more than useless distractions, useful only for exchanging trivial information, they have been on the wrong time.In the last year, we have witnessed impressive examples of how the media and social networks have served as tools for the political sphere and even for humanitarian aid. Twitter and Facebook have been essential elements of communication and political organization in all the recent revolutions in the Arab world. In turn, they have proven indispensable to relief efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters in Haiti and Japan.Social media and its influence on citizens is rapidly spreading to the business world. Affected consumers are realizing that they can use social media to organize around shared values ​​to initiate effective movements, it is a sounding board for ideas, as well as a means of punishing corporate irresponsibility.

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On the other hand, consumers tend to approach companies that use social media to initiate dialogues and conversations related to social issues. A well-known example is the Pepsi Refresh Project, where crowd sourcing is used to invite consumers to co-create and through which the company makes charitable donations.It is clear that social media not only creates dialogue between brands and consumers, but is a powerful reason why companies must begin to collaborate with the growing wave of customers who now demand new standards for their behaviors and greater social commitment. for his part.In the past, many opinion leaders have proposed other new versions of capitalism, such as creative capitalism (Bill Gates), cooperative capitalism (Noreena Hertz), conscious capitalism (John MacKey), and constructive capitalism (Umair Haque), but Such proposals did not have the benefit of widespread adoption of social media that serves to renew human connections on a large scale.But now, the ability of social media to connect millions of people around the world to shape opinions and foster cognitive dissonance is needed to create broad-based movements and achieve change, putting the consumer behind real power. .In the future there are always going to be consumers protesting or boycotting, and it will soon become common practice as consumers will use social media and networks to urge others to leave companies that refuse to act responsibly.At the same time, we will witness the emergence of a new group of companies that will recognize the opportunity to collaborate with consumers in the transformation of their businesses for profit, and it will be these that will have the interest of consumers with a social conscience, especially the Millennial generation, who want companies to get serious about building a better world.The awards for companies and brands are very big. Your reward will be the opportunity to become the so-called “brand nations”, a new business model whose  Aol Email List  is made up of consumers from all over the world, regardless of their geographical location or nationality, who believe and trust in the shared values ​​of brands and socially responsible behaviors.

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