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The most common abbreviations in Social Networks

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The most common abbreviations in Social Networks

In the world of social networks, due to the immediacy and lack of characters, many words that are often used are shortened.

If you are one of those who sent SMS, before WhatsApp existed and we all had Internet on our phones, you will know the importance of knowing these abbreviations to be able to continue the conversation, understanding well what is being said (sometimes it was difficult for me to decipher what had been put I).Do you know the meaning of the most used abbreviations on Twitter, Instagram and the rest of the Social Networks? Never get lost in any online conversation again!CLICK TO TWEET
Therefore, I think it is interesting to know the abbreviations that are most used in the different social networks. To do this, and to make it easier, I have separated it into three sections, those that are specific to Twitter and Instagram and those that are used in different social networks.It is one of the most famous abbreviations and is used when you want to express that you really like something. If you want to show more emphasis on it, you can add zeros (+ 10…) to it.This abbreviation stands for As Soon As Possible and is used to say that you will reply as soon as possible.If you have ever seen MTV, surely you have to know this abbreviation so used by teenagers and, sometimes, not so teenagers … It means Best Friends Forever or, its Spanish version, Best Friends Forever.It means By The Way (like the song of the Red Hot Chili Peppers), or by the way, and it is used to add something that we have forgotten or to clarify something about a subject we are talking about.It is the abbreviation that is used to warn that there is a third person (or more) in a conversation. Means With Copy to …Surely you will know it more as ADV (Asco De Vida), but it also has its version in English ( Fuck My Life ) and serves to express that something has not turned out as you expected, but rather worse.It stands for Face To Face and is used when you want to indicate that that conversation is better to have face to face.If you are having an online conversation and you have to leave quickly, without having much time to make excuses, this is the abbreviation you should use. It means Got To Go .It stands for Hope That Helps and is used when we answer a question that we have found, to let you know that we hope that we have resolved the question that person had.If you are going to remember some content (text, video or image) that you published in the past, you can use this abbreviation that means In Case You Miss It .This abbreviation stands for I Don’t Know and is used to let the person you are having a conversation with know that you don’t know.It is the abbreviation of the social network Instagram.This abbreviation stands for In My Humble Opinion or in my humble opinion and, obviously, it is used when you are going to give your opinion on a specific topic.It stands for In Real Life and is used to emphasize that what you are sharing has happened in real life.This acronym stands for Just Kidding and is used when you want to specify that what you shared was just a joke.If you want to learn more about the world of Social Networks and Digital Marketing, subscribe to my blog and receive all the news and exclusive gifts in your email I accept the Privacy Policy
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Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.It is short for the most widely used professional social network, LinkedIn.It stands for Laughing My Ass Off , or breaking your ass laughing, and is used as the superior abbreviation for LOL.From this abbreviation we can get the meaning of the well-known music group LMFAO (Laughing My Fucking Ass Off).It’s short for Laughing Out Loud , which means something like laughing out loud. It is not used as much as before, because in many social networks you can include emoticons to better express emotions, but its use is still very popular.
This abbreviation means No Problem and is used to indicate that we are okay with what is being said and we have no problem.It stands for Not Safe For Work . It is mainly used to warn other people that the information is not safe to see in your workplace, because if your boss catches you seeing it when you should be working, you will surely star in an uncomfortable moment.It is a well-known abbreviation that means Oh My God or Oh My Gosh (oh my god), depending on your beliefs. It is used to express surprise at a content or comment.It is short for Please and, obviously, it is asked to ask someone for a favor.If we believe that LOL or LMAO is not enough to express what a content has made us laugh, we have this abbreviation, which means Rolling On Floor Laughing or rolling on the floor with laughter.It’s short for Thanks and is obviously used when you want to say thank you.It means Timeline and with it we refer to the main page of our social networks, where we can see what the people and companies that we follow publish.Its meaning is Too Much Information and we use it when we want to express too much information or that we have been told too much in a short period of time.When something amazes and puzzles us at the same time, this is the abbreviation we would use. It means What The Fuck and it would be translated as something like: but what the hell?Once the abbreviations most commonly used in general in social networks are known, we are going to see those that are more specific to Twitter (although that does not mean that they cannot be seen in other social networks).This abbreviation means Also Know As and is used when the username and the name of the person or company do not match and you want to specify that it is also known as …It is the abbreviation of Direct Message or Direct Message. With it we refer to the private sending of messages through Twitter, in which only the recipient and the sender will be able to see the message.This abbreviation is often used as a hashtag and stands for Follow Friday . Although it is not used as much as before, it serves to recommend some interesting accounts to your followers to follow and it is used on Fridays.
It is short for Look My Last Tweet and is used when you want to draw attention to the last tweet you have posted, because perhaps the solution to a question is there.Means Tweet Modify and serves to indicate that you have modified the content of a tweet.It is short for Retweet and is used to mention a person when you are sharing one of their tweets.In this case, we are referring to a Real Life Retweet , that is, what we are sharing is a quote that we have copied from a conversation that we are having, or that we have had, in the offline world.It means Throw Back Thursday and refers to a practice, less and less used on Twitter, which consists of sharing an image, video or content from your past on Thursdays.Although many will use it to shorten the word also in SMS, if you see it on Twitter it usually has another meaning, that of Tweet Me Back or answer me. It is used to request a reply to a specific tweet.

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It is the abbreviation of Trending Topic , which means that something is trending on Twitter and a high number of users of this social network are talking about a specific topic, using a special hashtag.Although it is a word in itself, it is considered one more abbreviation that is used a lot on Twitter. It is used to mention the person or company that created the content that is being shared.
If you have an Instagram account , this section interests you, since you can give your images and videos greater visibility by using these abbreviations that, in all cases, are used as hashtag.The is hashtag that is used to share images in black and white ( Black and White ).It means Follow For Follow and it means that if you follow that Aol Email List, it will follow you too, or if you use it, that you agree to follow everyone who follows you.Personally, I don’t like this practice, since you end up following accounts whose publications may not interest you and those who follow you are not quality followers or your target audience. But it is a very common practice in many social networks.This abbreviation stands for Flash Back Friday and it is used to label the images and videos that you share from your past (as long as you share it on a Friday).It is an abbreviation used by sports lovers to share content about healthy habits and sports in general.It is short for Global Family and is a community of instagramers that supports photographic talent and that shares the best photo of the day tagged with the hashtag #global_family .It stands for Weekend Hashtag Project and it is an Instagram contest for your photo to appear on the official Instagram blog . Every week there is a theme and a hashtag assigned to it, so you can publish your images or videos with that hashtag.Although many are used less and less, it seems important to me to know what each of the abbreviations means in order to recognize their meaning when we see them on social networks.Do you know of any other abbreviations that are not listed? Leave it in comments to make this list bigger together.

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