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The main families of hosting offers for your website: shared vs VPS vs dedicated

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The main families of hosting offers for your website: shared vs VPS vs dedicated

If your site wishes to reach a French clientele, check that your servers are also located in France. The main families of hosting offers for your website: shared vs VPS vs dedicated Before looking in more detail at the hosting offers, it should be understood that there are different types of hosting. We can distinguish four main ones: shared hosting, VPS, dedicated or Cloud. The choice of the type of accommodation depends on your needs naturally. Some sites need more computing power, others more hard drive, some must have considerable traffic peaks while others are very stable. However, as you can imagine, it is also a question of price.

Shared hosting costs Colombia Phone Numbers List  month, when you have to expect 50 to 200 € / month for dedicated hosting (and probably more time for outsourcing ..). Let’s take a closer look at the meaning of each type of accommodation, this should help you choose the right one for your project. Shared hosting It is clearly the most popular type of hosting when starting a website. The reason is simple, it is the most economical type of hosting, most start-up websites just don’t need more. Shared hosting, like Hostingerit’s a bit like a shared apartment, where everyone shares the kitchen, electricity, etc. Server resources, processor, hard drive, or RAM, are shared among multiple users.

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Naturally, data is compartmentalized from one user to another, but the resources are not, or very little. Concretely, this means that if a user experiences a peak in traffic and consumes more resources, on your side, you will have less. In 90% of the cases, this is fine, the variations in resources remain moderate, and the loading time on your site correct, but there may be requirements / constraints which suppose a higher level of performance or control. It should be remembered that the loading time of a web page depends on many factors, hosting performance isn’t everything. We can have a light site, well optimized, which runs perfectly on shared hosting at 5 € / month. And conversely, some poorly optimized sites,


filled with animations, with very heavy themes (who said Avada?) Will struggle on a dedicated one. Shared web hosting offers are aimed at beginners. Consequently, the offers generally include everything you need to get started: free domain, email accounts, automated backups, SSL certificate, and “1 click” installation of the CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, etc.). The host takes care of the maintenance of the servers (updates, monitoring, etc.), but you have very limited access (no SSH access, and when you know what that means, you don’t want to s ‘pass it ..).

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VPS hosting is the hidden child of shared and dedicated web hosting. The principle is to create several virtual servers on a single server using virtualization technologies. Each user thus has his own “virtual” server, with his own resources (processor, memory, etc.). Only the hard drive is shared in this diagram, with a compartment for each user of course. As a result, the level of administration / flexibility of a VPS hosting is close to that which we have with our own “physical” server. And at the same time, there is no need for maintenance, or very little, because the host takes care of the maintenance of the physical server on which your virtual server runs. In theory, we really have the advantages of dedicated and shared hosting.

And having used a lot of VPS in real life, I can confirm that this is quite true, even if we quickly reach a ceiling in terms of performance. The more pessimistic will tell you that it is also the downside of both. At the maintenance level, even if an admin panel like Plesk or cPanel is often offered from the start (and greatly facilitates the job) you still have to take care of a lot of things yourself, backups are rarely offered by default in a VPS. Without forgetting that in terms of performance, even if you have your own virtual server, performance is not guaranteed. Flexibility : SSH access and therefore possibility of installing pretty much what you want.

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