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The great advantages of process automation in Marketing

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The great advantages of process automation in Marketing

Today, talking about process automation in marketing is no longer a first for anyone. And it is that more and more companies decide to implement this type of strategy in their sales processes.This way of doing things directly affects both the increase in sales and the result of a much more efficient profitability that helps in optimizing time and reducing costs.In addition, it is in charge of Philippines Phone Number List your leads throughout the sales funnel process . Thus, the buyer journey becomes a journey where you have full control at all times, being able to observe the behaviors of the users helping them to continue advancing until the end of the process.Today I want to talk to you about the advantages of having automated marketing processes . We will see the most relevant examples of this entire system, I will show you the most outstanding areas where you can automate your processes; And we’ll also talk about software that can help you get marketing automation up and running .Why is process automation necessary in Marketing? The 5 advantages that make it an essential for any company The first indicator that you are surely thinking of is the reduction in time in all the management of the different processes that make up the sales funnel of your company. And you are right, because this is one of the main benefits you get when you decide to launch this powerful tool.I have to tell you that this tool is very useful for all types of companies, both large and small. Because in all cases, it helps to control each of the steps of the sales funnel quickly and, best of all, personalized.But, let’s see the 5 most important advantages that this marketing automation system has and that will help you better understand how you can manage your Inbound Marketing strategy successfully.1. Reduce costs and unforeseen expenses You already know that in marketing, any mistake can destroy the entire budget, causing a series of unforeseen expenses that no one likes.With process automation in marketing, you can manage your budget much more effectively . You decide how you want to use each of the resources you have on your team.And all thanks to the analysis that you can do of each automated process. This helps you a lot in making decisions, being able to vary the strategy in time .2. You are in full control thanks to monitoring One of the most relevant advantages that the automation of marketing processes provides is that you can know and review whenever you want , each of the movements that your leads follow in the content, with the campaigns, on a specific landing page, etc.The software tools that help you implement this strategy, provide you with graphs and statistics in great detail that help you correct any deviation from the strategy, in addition to making much more precise and concrete decisions.3. You can hyper segment your leads Marketing automation helps you to automatically classify and segment each user who comes into contact with your brand. You can even create automations with users who are not yet ready to make a purchase decision and need a little more time to get to know you and gain the necessary confidence.This advantage is very useful to be able to captivate and retain your buyer persona with each campaign, content or strategy that you want to implement.4. It allows you to define your sales process very precisely Something very common that usually happens with the digitization of companies and the automation of processes is that the perception of the more human side is lost. With the growth of companies, the feeling of being talking to a machine by leads is too palpable.You can avoid this with marketing automation in your company. Through this fantastic tool, you can get to know each user much better from the moment they come into contact with your brand; This helps you establish the best communication system with each and every one of them. Thus, they feel cared for directly and personally.5. Multiple visibility Thanks to the automation of marketing processes, each new campaign you launch can appear simultaneously on all the social media you want.In this way, you will give your brand much more visibility, not only getting your potential customers to interact with it, but also attracting new leads that will be treated with all the automated processes that you already have established for them.As you can see, this marketing automation tool gives you all the power and control over the different processes , with all the advantages that this entails.

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Very relevant examples of process automation that you should know One of the main objectives of any brand in marketing matters is the ability to convey to users the benefits that the products and / or services offered by the company will bring them. With this, you are bringing the user closer to buying them.In order to achieve this through process automation, you can count on two very effective tools that are essential in any digital marketing strategy .I’m talking about lead scoring and lead nurturing . Let’s take a closer look at both concepts and how they can help you.1. The qualification of your leads with the lead scoring The main purpose of this tool is to sort the leads according to their qualification . In other words, it is necessary to develop a scoring model, or models, to be able to score users according to their behavior.However, the lead scoring model also has two other uses that can be very interesting for brands:Capture scoring : this type of tool is responsible for capturing sensitive users who become clients of the company. That is, the system can detect if the lead is qualified to initiate a commercial approach. In case you confirm this maturity, the process automatically begins that will send you promotions and offers to take you all the way to the purchase.Loyalty scoring : this model is closely related to processes such as cross selling or up selling. In reality, there are many loyalty scoring models; It depends on when the client is and also on the type of clients the  Aol Email List has.2. The maturation of the leads in your database with lead nurturingAlso called lead nurturing, lead nurturing is a process through which automated chains of emails are created , the objective of which is to educate and mature them.In general, this automation model aims to help the user to advance in the stages of their purchase process . Therefore, in addition to a chain of emails, actions such as an integrated chat on the web, any retargeting ad or a personalized campaign on social networks, among others, also work very well.In the case of nurturing, there are two important and outstanding moments in which you can carry it out:Nurturing of acquisition : the objective of this model is to prepare the lead for the purchase. To do this, you must implement a series of actions that transform the objective of the users with the intention that they become ready for the purchase.Nurturing of loyalty : this model seeks to know what type of offers or content the customers of a database are most interested in. Through their behavior, you can determine their tastes and redirect them to the next step in the process.As you can see, scoring and nurturing are two processes that are complemented and can greatly clarify the perceptions of users and customers, helping you to establish the path they should follow until completing the purchase process.Marketing Process Automation3 Practical applications of marketing automation Marketing automation is a tool that allows the automation of a wide variety of processes . Among the multiple functionalities it offers are email marketing , Social Media marketing, landing pages, web forms, among others.I want to talk to you about 3 areas of the company that you can automate thanks to this tool, and with which you will obtain extremely important data to measure the status of your brand as well as analyze how the processes are going.

1. Product engagement Product engagement is related to the interest that a commercial offer arouses in customers, both potential and current.Sending emails : with this method you can make any product and / or service of the company known to the contacts you have in your database.By automating this simple process, you accomplish two things. On the one hand, emailing campaigns are launched every time a user meets the requirements that you have previously established, such as their behavior with the brand.And on the other hand, you can have multiple email campaigns open simultaneously. Also, unlike a traditional email campaign, they do not have an end date; something that benefits your company because it is prolonging your relationship with the customer.Re-engagement : it is about getting the user’s attention after a period of inactivity with your company. For example, when it has been a while without him having had any interaction with your products and / or services, you can encourage him to return by sending an email.2. Automation of some marketing processes Thanks to this type of automation, you get users to perceive these processes as something natural in addition to saving a lot of time and money for the company, by being able to execute tasks at very large levels.The instant interaction with users who have contacted the brand: through automation can be programmed to send a message, SMS or tweet, for example, users who visited the website or social profiles.Change the properties of user profiles : this type of action is very useful when it is necessary to change the ownership of an important sample of the lead database. And you can do it as simple as creating a workflow that assigns a certain property to the contacts in the database that enter a certain state.Contact segmentation : Marketing automation can help segment users in a database based on criteria set by the company.For example, when they meet certain criteria previously defined by the company itself, they can go to a certain list that will be used for some specific actions and campaigns.3. Database automation This process has a lot to do with lead scoring and lead nurturing that I told you about in the previous section, two processes that help in automatic education . And it is that with this automation you can implement a series of strategies that help the different records of the database to advance in the purchase process. There are multiple tools for the automation of processes in Marketing. At Digital Menta we are Sales Force Pardot partners , in addition to having other tools such as Active Campaign .As we have seen, the automation of processes represents an important advance in the knowledge and management of the users who pass through the company. It helps you make much more precise decisions about the different marketing strategies that you have designed.With this, you get happier customers and better results in your management ratios.
Do you already have the marketing processes automated in your company? Tell us! we will love to read you.

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