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The gift hunters: after free products on the Internet

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The gift hunters: after free products on the Internet

Users constantly learn and evolve in their use of the tools that the information society makes available to them.Just as there are trend hunters or cool hunters, a “profession” with a particular objective is also being generated; get as many free products as possible on the Internet, the gift hunters.What is a gift hunter? Well, a person who is always on the lookout for any digital promotion that offers him something at no additional cost. Whatever it is.Although it may sound strange, this user profile exists and it is worth remembering that the picaresque has always worked. Gift hunters abound especially in the communities and on the social networks of the big brands, since they are the ones that play the biggest cards when it comes to giving products to their community, all to be able to swell their sri lanka telephone number finder  with more followers although these hunters gifts immediately become inactive after getting your gift or promotion.But: is it positive to give away products to the community? A priori it may seem that it is, because it attracts users, increases our branding, generates movement and traffic, etc. All are advantages … or not? What happens when a promotion ends? Users leave, with or without a prize, leaving the community empty again, without activity. That is why I am not so in favor of giving a field to gift hunters because they are bread for today and hunger for tomorrow.


Gift hunters are active until the campaign ends. Here they go and only come back when they touch gifts again. They go jumping from one campaign to another, forgetting practically any brand. And if a gift falls for them, it is of little use, because they will continue looking for more and it will be difficult to fulfill the work of the happy consumer who acts as an ambassador for our firm. The only “positive” they bring is, as I say, the movement generated during the promotion.Basing our social actions on the Internet on gift campaigns is not the most favorable thing for our brand. Pages like Groupon have shown that the “offer effect” works much better in the consumer’s mind than gifts, and above all it generates an infinitely higher brand value. Our objective should be to generate community around our products, not to cause specific impacts with gifts.One piece of advice, work with complex promotional actions that seek to enhance the actions of users in your community. No “put a message in the forum and enter the raffle”; better “write your opinion of such extension”, “upload a photo”, “post a video on  Aol Email List “, etc. Obviously, for these actions to work you need a strong community, but the result is much more encouraging than when we give away for the sake of giving.Focusing our community action policy solely on gifts is not productive. Good planning and a lot of imagination can help us boost our brand image on social networks without giving away anything for free.

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