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The force of sentiment in social networks

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The force of sentiment in social networks

An artistic marketing action recorded three years ago continues to impact social networks At times we forget that social networks are present in our lives, formally, since we published bulletin boards in schools and universities. The need for communication of all kinds – emotional or commercial – has always forced us to look for ways to reach a wider audience with our concerns and messages Portugal Phone Number List. The ultimate goal of everything: to share with other human beings. The force of sentiment is present in social networks today and no matter how long it takes to vitalize the content, it is there for us. We share with you an artistic marketing action that is three years old, but is worth reviewing (or revisiting).

It is about an experience that the site The Restaurant on publishes these days and that tells us about the intervention made by the Serbian artist Marina Abramov – “The Artist is present” – in which she only sits and gazes into the eyes of those who pass by. in front of her, for a minute.

Imagine that social media disappeared
Fortunately, the experience was recorded by the organizers, probably as a digital marketing tool to promote future activities Phone Number List. Thanks to that recording, today we can learn about the history of the artist and her partner more than 23 years ago, the German Ulay.

They met in Amsterdam and their passion for art and their own relationship led them to carry out interventions in which they promoted everything related to the human being. After a few years, they decided to separate and to seal the end, they held a performance – “The Lovers” – around the Chinese Wall. Each one walked to one side until they met and after a hug they said goodbye forever.

Years passed and chance (or causality?) Made Ulay be present at the artist’s intervention and was one of the attendees who had the opportunity to sit silently in front of Marina.

We share with you this video that, beyond being viral until today, reminds us of the impact that the “emotion” factor has on any marketing or advertising campaign , especially now that social networks allow us to know the world and its people. – so identical to each one of us – with an unthinkable speed.

I rescue a comment from the video, which points out the inclusion of the music just at the minute that Ulay appears and its effect. Whoever makes the annotation, thus justifies the emotion caused by the video, at least in part. And he may be right, because music is capable of disarming anyone with some sensitivity. It is good to consider that point.

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