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The big (viral) business of shows is looking for talent

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The big (viral) business of shows is looking for talent

A new discovery goes viral on social networks. A 9-year-old girl makes an impact singing opera in a talent search program First it was Susan Boyle who rose to fame, thanks to the talent show Britain’s got talent. Then it was Paul Potts’ turn . The jury, both times, had to bite their tongue for having smiled in disbelief in the presence of two people without much physical charm, but with an extraordinary gift. With children things are different, because they are always expected to “make a fun”, but it is no less impressive to see Bangladesh Phone Number List the number of children with incredible talents. Connie Talbot took the palms and millions of views on YouTube . Today, the viral is for Amira Willighagen and a tremendous success for the program and its sponsors.

It is that the world needs idols, people who surprise it and make it regain hope in how magnificent human beings are. When he finds them, he takes them and only lets them go when another arises that surpasses him. For this reason, the great business of talent search programs has multiplied and there is no country in the world that does not seek an instance to have the version of one of the great “X Factor”, “Talent Phone Number List” or “My name is” program of talented Chilean imitators.

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For this reason, the levels of audience and therefore of success in terms of advertising , usually exceed the competition. The emotion that it provokes in the audience and the projection, psychologically speaking, that each person makes of the participants – although not all are idols – is sufficient argument to continue using the model.

I invite you to meet the latest revelation of lyrical singing, a little Dutch girl of only 9 years old who learned to sing using YouTube tutorials and appeared on “Holland Got Talent” obtaining the “Golden Ticket”, a direct step towards the final.

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