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The 29 best free and paid image banks

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The 29 best free and paid image banks

The use of audiovisual media in the digital world has become essential to stand out from the powerful Content Afghanistan Phone Number List  strategies that we see daily on the Internet.The images, videos or music, is a supplement that helps strengthen the text of any content , whether in social networks, on a blog or even in commercials and advertising campaigns. Therefore, choosing the right images requires very meticulous work, where it is necessary to invest a lot of time in the search, to find the best content. Today I want to talk to you about the best image banks, both free and paid , that you can find on the net. I have created for you a selection of the best 29 websites that offer you specific, high-quality and exclusive multimedia content.You already know that on the Internet it is possible to find many resources at no cost, totally free. When you are looking for images and you do not want to pay for them, the offer of free image banks is immense.The fact that they are free does not mean that they offer you low quality content; on the contrary, I invite you to visit these 15 image banks that I have selected for you. They are free and in some portals you can also download music, videos, illustrations, textures and vectors: Morguefile – Download files in jpg format and have a collection of artists and photographers from around the world . In addition, it has a search engine with which you can search by subject. Openphoto : this image bank offers us several search categories ; You can select the highlighted categories, or go directly to see the new images that the artists are uploading every day. In addition, it collects three sections of popular images divided into three parts, today, yesterday and always. Download the files directly to your pc in jpg format. Pixabay : this is one of the best known free image banks used by thousands of people. You can use the image search engine that will take you to the desired result; find what you are looking for from more than 1.8 million images and videos . You can also search for vectors and illustrations for your digital creations.Image Bancor Pixabay Flickr : this website may sound more like a social network than an image bank. It is actually a place where you can share images and join groups where photography takes center stage. But it is also very worthwhile to include it in your list of free image banks, to inspire you and discover photos of international artists and professionals. Freepik : this large image bank allows you to download thousands of photos, vectors and files in psd and svg format so that you can work in an image editor. It has a premium version, but the free version offers you a large collection of media on almost any topic you are looking for. Of course, every time you download a free resource you must make a mention on your website. Wunderstock : this free image bank stands out for the simplicity and beauty of the photos that you can use in your digital projects. In addition, you can choose different orientations and search by colors to achieve a minimalist result. It has an image search engine that finds everything you ask for. Freeimages : this is a bank of royalty-free images, which offers you the possibility of downloading your photos in 5 different sizes and directly to your pc. In your browser you can choose between the 26 collections of images that this website makes available to us. Combine royalty-free images with paid images; If you want to go directly to see the images for free, then go to the Browse menu and choose the free photos option.

Unsplash : another fantastic royalty-free image bank where you can download the photos you want directly in jpg format. Of course, the web offers you to thank its author by mentioning it in the caption. Stockvault : with a wide variety of images, vectors and textures , in Stockvalut you can directly download any resource without creating a user account. It has a database with more than 80,000 resources where you will surely find anything you are looking for. Pexels : one of the features that I like the most about this image search engine is that in addition to being a 100% free portal, the images you download are of excellent quality. The creators of Pexels add 5 new images every day; In addition, they are usually large photos , which helps you a lot when editing; you will be able to take details of the images without being pixelated. And it also has a lot of vertical images, something unusual in any image bank.Lifeofpix : find different multimedia content for your campaigns in this original and free royalty-free image bank. You can directly download the content without a daily limit , and you have at your disposal a large number of resources in both image and video formats. Foter : this fantastic image search engine has a database of more than 335 million photos . It also has a classification by categories and all the images are at your disposal in various sizes. Once you have downloaded it, you must attribute the caption with an HTML code that the download itself provides. Freenature stock : enjoy images of Nature on this website where you can use the image search engine to find the landscape you want. RGBStock : in this portal of images without copyright you will find a great variety of photos ready to be published. They are very light images that you do not need to edit or resize to reduce their weight. Do you like to know with which camera the image was taken? On this website you can find out all the details of creating the photos.StockSnap : with a lot of categories and a huge database, in StockSnap you can find images of whatever you want for your digital projects. The web has an image search engine that helps you narrow down your search .There are many photography professionals who share their work altruistically on the web. In this way, you can get really good images and without paying anything for them.Let’s see the 5 best author image banks that I have selected for you: Gratisography – This portal uploads photos taken by Ryan McGuire , a self-taught artist, designer, and photographer. Share your work in 9 different categories where you can find very original images and totally free.Little Visuals – This website is a gift from the fantastic work of professional photographer Nic Jackson . He passed away in 2013 and his family wanted to create this project where we can have all his images for free for commercial use.Splitshire : With more than 1,125 images without copyright, on this website you will find a lot of free multimedia content. Besides photos you can download videos. And it is that the creator of this website makes it very clear that he wants to share his content altruistically, to help both bloggers and designers or companies that can take advantage of their content. The download of any element of this website goes directly to your pc. Jaymantri : this portal that bears the name of its creator offers us the artist’s work in the format of royalty-free images and videos that are directly downloadable. It is a very special work that can make the difference on your website due to its originality and exclusivity , since it leaves much of the traditional content. Picjumbo : the person in charge of this beautiful project is Viktor Hanacek , a professional photographer who has decided to give away his graphic content in order to help bloggers and companies that are looking for graphic resources. It has a very interesting material that I recommend, because you will surely find something that you like. If you prefer, you can subscribe to their website and you will receive free images in your email.When you are looking for exclusivity to boost your brand, or you need something very specific for your advertising campaigns, choosing a good bank of paid images will give your projects an extra originality .

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These are the 6 paid image banks that I have chosen for you: Shutterstock – This is one of the paid image banks most used by millions of businesses. And it is that it has high quality images and all the categories you can imagine. You also have at your disposal the download of video clips and music . In addition, something that I like a lot about this website is that you have payment plans adapted to any need. iStock : Are you looking for an image bank to help you promote your brand with corporate and exclusive resources? iStock contains a large database with multimedia content that will help you highlight any project in which you incorporate them. You can download royalty-free images, videos, illustrations, and vectors. Dreamstime : royalty- free image bank and also in the public domain. They are high resolution photos and you can choose from the selection of themes that the web already has made when you enter: abstract, free illustrations, objects, animals, art / architecture, technology, travel, industries, finance, IT&C, business, nature, vacations , people. It offers a wide variety of payment plans , from 10 images to 9,000 photos, and you can download them in jpg format. 123RF – With over 100 categories full of classified images, 123RF is one of the most popular royalty-free paid image banks. The high quality of its images stands out, which you can download in various formats, from jpg or png to psd so you can edit in Photoshop. And you can also download multimedia content in hd or mp3 format. Adobe Stock : It is the old and famous Fotolia. This paid image bank created by Adobe contains an interesting collection of media that includes images, graphics and videos in excellent quality.Death to the Stock Photo : this original image bank works by subscription . The moment you subscribe, you receive a pack of exclusive images from great artists in your email inbox. It has a 14-day trial version and three payment plans, depending on the profile and your needs.They are part of a trend that is booming and that makes searching for images much easier. These are image search engines from images; And now, better than ever, we can say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Because nothing better than showing the search engine what you want with the image you are looking for.I’m going to show you the 3 image search engines from images that I like the most, and that can help you a lot in your searches:Google Images : you can drag the image you want to search to the search bar. And you can also enter the URL of the photo. In both cases, Google returns the search with all the sites where that image appears and the sizes in which it is published.TinEye : with a similar operation to Google Images, TinEye incorporates a search that I find very interesting. And you can attach the file where the image you want to search is located and it takes care of returning the results. Also, you have the option to install the extension in your browser so that you can get the job done faster.Yandex Images : Yandex is the most popular Russian search engine on the net . The image search engine from images has become one of the most widely used globally; It works very similar to Aol Email List  Images. Choosing one or the other is a matter of taste.Working with multimedia content is becoming increasingly easy, thanks to the large number of image banks that the network offers us.Whether they are free or paid, image banks are the best solution you can find to search for all the audiovisual content that you need to incorporate into your digital projects.

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