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Technical support that is not very accessible

Buffer offers a powerful social media management solution. It is used by many businesses of all sizes, as well as by social media agencies. It generates good levels of engagement and conversion on social networks. Buffer was designed to allow good quality collaborative work. With this solution, you avoid duplicates since you have instant access to all the Technical support that is and comments left by your colleagues. Buffer’s calendar allows you to see at a glance all your publications already posted and those planned on the main social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Google Business, Linked In, and Pinterst).

Buffer is available on a particularly intuitive interface that does not require prior training to start using it. A free version allows small businesses to use Buffer individually on 3 different social networks for free. The solution is then India Phone Number List according to 3 offers starting at € 15 / month, depending on the number of users, accounts on social networks and the features required for your activity. Possibility of scheduling publications on relevant time slots suggested by Buffer Ability to add RSS feeds from your blogs and then share their content Simple and efficient analysis tool

It is possible to use Social Pilot to create your posts on the main social networks and to plan them.

Presence of a calendar that groups together the posted publications and those to come Inconvenience Inability to interact in real time with your subscribers Discover Buffer Later is a complete tool for creating, planning and publishing your posts of all kinds on social media. You can also use it to edit your photos and videos before you share it. Later allows you to analyze your audience’s views and reactions to each post for a period of 3 months after their publication. Enough to determine with precision which posts are most appealing to your community, and adapt your strategy on each social network.

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Later is available as a free version to schedule up to 30 posts simultaneously with essential features. Paid versions starting at $ 12.50 / month allow Later to be used as a multi-user version and benefit from advanced features, including analysis options. Agora pulse is a social network management solution that allows you to create and manage unifying publications in order to build a loyal community. With this tool it is possible to respond very easily to all private messages and all comments from your subscribers from an interface that centralizes all your exchanges.

In order to indicate to you the topics that appeal to you and the most opportune times to publish.

Agora pulse meets the requirements of all communication strategies on social networks from small businesses to mid-size companies and social media agencies. This solution can be used free of charge as a single user, and allows you to program up to 40 posts / month. Paid versions are also available to have access to the most advanced features and to use it as a team. To go further, discover 15 social media and community management tools .Paid alternatives to Hootsuite There are also paid alternatives but the cost of which remains much more accessible than that of Hootsuite, while offering such advanced features.

Socially Map has been designed to allow you to schedule your social media and blog posts based on the times your audience will be most receptive with just a few clicks. You can even schedule reposts at regular intervals. This tool also manages the monitoring and curation of content in areas that interest your potential target. Socially Map will save you a lot of time in managing your presence on all social networks. Social Pilot isn’t the best performing alternative to Hootsuite, but it’s still a big time saver, and it’s part of an overall marketing strategy. The platform is easy to learn, even for beginners, although not very attractive.

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