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Tablets, smartphones and smartphones, the ‘new gadgets’ of viewers

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Tablets, smartphones and smartphones, the ‘new gadgets’ of viewers

Tablet and smartphone users use these devices while watching TV Tablet and smartphone owners in the US are increasingly using them while watching television, according to data released by the Nielsen cell phone use in portugal  in October 2011. About 40% of tablet and smartphone owners in the US they use their devices every day while watching TV, compared to 14% of e-reader owners who do the same.Tablet (28%) and smartphone (24%) users also use their devices while watching TV several times a week or nearly twice as many times as e-reader users (14%). The rates paid by users of 3 devices are practically the same, although the percentage of e-reader users who never watch television while using their device (45%) is almost four times higher than that of tablet users (12%). ) and the smartphone (13%).Women do more social networking while watching TV

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Women are more likely than men to use tablets and smartphones while watching television. Forty-eight percent of women did so in 2011 while watching a (Q2), 37% more than 35% of men who did. Similarly, 47% of women used social media during ads, 30% more than 36% of men who did.However, men are much more likely to consult sports results while watching television. Forty-four percent of men are engaged in this activity, about 2.6 times more than 17% of women. Aol Email List   is the activity that both men and women did the most during television programming and commercial breaks, about 60% of the total. Seeking training related to programming and advertising ranks second, with between 44% and 46% of men and women.1 in 4 tablet owners watch TV less, compared to smartphone owners Only one in four (25%) of tablet owners say they watch less television since they bought the tablet, while about the same percentage of smartphone users (23%) say they use a mobile phone / smartphone with less frequency, according to data released in October 2011 by GfK MRI.

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