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Study: Only 48% of Marketers Trust Their Digital Skills

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Study: Only 48% of Marketers Trust Their Digital Skills

The Digital Distress studio : What Keeps Marketers Up at Night? primarily investigates what are the current concerns of marketers. In its 2013 version, carried out to a thousand people in the United States, it was revealed that marketers declare that they have many doubts about their capacity Macedonia Phone Number List, effectiveness and ability to measure the impact of their digital campaigns.

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This research aims to reveal new knowledge about the beliefs and attitudes of those involved in the digital marketing industry.

The results have revealed a lack of confidence in digital capabilities, as only 48% of professionals state that they feel “very competent in digital marketing Phone Number List”. Most marketers have not received any formal training in this area and 82% reported that they “learned everything on the job”.

It should also be noted the little confidence that professionals perceive in the marketing strategies of their companies, since only 40% think they are effective.

Only 9% of respondents agree that their companies’ digital marketing is working and 68% are more concerned with showing the ROI of these strategies.

However, the crossovers of variables are interesting by revealing that the better the company performs in its overall business, the better the digital strategy is rated.

High-performing companies are twice as likely to rate their business as highly competent in digital marketing, 50% more than the average for low-performing companies, which report 25%.

Regarding the major professional concerns reported, there are challenges with clients with 82%, followed by uncertainty in campaigns with 77% and finally, the stress of demonstrating ROI in campaigns with a 75% rate.

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