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Solidarity Mobile Marketing: the NGO’s strategy

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Solidarity Mobile Marketing: the NGO’s strategy

In a strategy that has been baptized as solidarity mobile marketing , civil organizations are carrying out different plans to increase fundraising. The capture of resources is a fundamental part for associations that carry out social work since it is estimated that 30% of visits Sri-Lanka Phone Number List to their web portals are made from mobile devices.

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The beginnings of mobile marketing for fundraising originated in solidarity SMS which, although a very limited strategy, became one of the most used by NGOs.

As an example, there is the strategy of One Minute , the campaign against cancer in which users send an SMS of encouragement to those affected by this disease and part of the cost is allocated to treatments.

However, the new possibilities of digital marketing are expanding the strategies of these entities Phone Number List. Today there are many campaigns that include a donation website from the mobile phone as well as interaction on social networks.

The United Nations Agency for Refugees in Palestine has created a platform that facilitates user donations from their mobile phone through a PayPal payment or a card.

Another successful application is the Women Mobile Lifeline Channel , a mobile channel that helps meet the health and family planning needs of Indian women.

Some strategies that NGOs are adopting are the QR codes included in the printed advertising of the organizations, Google Ads ads and Google AdWords campaigns.

According to a study by the State of the Nonprofit Industry, it is estimated that in 2013 the use of mobile-related technologies in NGOs will double, since the use of these technologies helps NGOs lower costs, help better and above all to improve communication with the donor.

According to the research “Why aren’t nonprofits going mobile?”, From Hub Pages between July 2011 and July 2012, NGOs raised 120% more through mobile applications and according to a study by Pew Internet, 50% of the Donors already access the NGO’s websites and their emails from their smartphones , and 40% already make donations via mobile phones.

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