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Smartbear is one of the most comprehensive tools for large businesses

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Smartbear is one of the most comprehensive tools for large businesses

Often, third-party scripts can also impact the performance of your page because calling a remote server to run or load a script will take longer. If the third-party service experiences an outage or increased load, it will take even longer to Smartbear is one of to your website’s requests. By following best practices in application development (e.g. minimizing JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files, browser caching, etc.) and ensuring that all scripts are properly optimized for the speed and safety, you will avoid these kind of problems. Faulty CMS plugins One of the advantages of content management systems ( CMS ) is that they offer a lot of plugins, which makes it difficult for your development teams to build everything.

While these plugins save a Qatar Phone Number List of time and effort, they can also pose challenges in terms of performance and integration. Plugins built with older technologies or inefficient database queries can cause longer load times. In addition, free plugins are rarely updated and may have unpatched vulnerabilities. list of tasks to create a website How much does it cost to create a website? La Fabrique du Net has developed a fast and efficient price estimation engine. Price estimation 10 free web monitoring tools Now that you are up to date on the main criteria that allow you to measure the performance of your website, let’s find out about the free monitoring tools available to you.

If the third-party service experiences an outage or increased load,

If you only want to monitor the availability of one website and it is a showcase site , these tools will be more than sufficient. Based in London since 2012, StatusCake has impressive clients including Microsoft and Netflix. StatusCake has 48 test sites in 28 countries around the world and will allow you to test up to ten websites. Uptimia is a relatively new player in the market, but it has already seen impressive growth, capturing clients such as Pepsi, Akami and Nokia. The company offers moniroting services for small and large businesses, including uptime monitoring, load speed as well as transaction monitoring.


Montastic keeps it simple with a clean, minimalist website. It keeps its promise: to monitor your website and send you an email in case of failure. You also have the possibility to enter keywords and choose to receive alerts if they are present or not on the page in question. s a very easy-to-use tool that alerts you by email or text message when there is an incident on your site. All you have to do is enter your URL .The free plan allows you to monitor up to 5 sites every 10 minutes. Better Uptime is a free solution that offers both monitoring the performance of your site and managing any incidents. The free plan alerts you by email and checks up to 10 sites every 3 minutes.

You also have the possibility to enter keywords and choose to receive alerts if they are present

With Sematext Experience, you will get a report on the actual experience and satisfaction of your users while providing key information about the performance of your website or app in different places, on different devices or at different connection speeds. Sematext offers a free basic plan, the premium plan starts at  Gtmetrix is ​​an analytics tool aimed at determining the performance of a website through features such as page load speed details, video capture and the ability to test from multiple regions of the world. The free plan allows you to monitor one page per day. llows you to monitor your websites and servers, every minute, from around the world. You’ll be able to minimize your downtime by being the first to know. Up to 15 websites checked every minute from 4

Happy Apps allows you to monitor all of your web applications, the reporting is pleasant and allows you to check availability, response time and report incidents. The free plan allows you to check the availability of 3 sites, 5 minutes apart and alerts you by email only. 12 paid web monitoring tools Finally, let’s finish our zoom of web monitoring tools with paid solutions which will be more suitable if you need to measure the performance of several websites simultaneously! To help you identify the solution that fits your budget, we present each tool to you and then give you the price range.

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