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Seven marketing trends that will proliferate during 2011 among SMEs

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Seven marketing trends that will proliferate during 2011 among SMEs

Since the beginning of the current year 2011, small and medium-sized companies have begun to take a greater initiative and prominence in the internet environment. They have begun to lose their fear of innovating, experimenting and joining the new phenomenon of the social age.As this year is presented as the year of online advertising and Sri Lanka phone book directory for SMEs, companies will start to increase their presence mainly on social networks, but the most difficult task will be to figure out what to focus on and what to ignore.SMEs have different types of clients, so they should know which advertising media will be most convenient for them, since not all of them are suitable for all, and the simple presence in them is not a guarantee of success. However, we can make a short list of trends for this year.1. Presence on Facebook : It is the easiest way to update and maintain a constant conversation with users. Being here is very valuable for any company.2. The rise of SMB Agencies : SMBs will not be able to cover everything and their core efforts must be directed at their core business, so a major foray into online marketing can be daunting. That is where the most powerful intermediaries will appear to help them meet those needs.


3. Learn to use localization . Very important tools when it comes to establishing a presence on the Internet.4. Analyze the figures : Many SMEs invest a lot of money in advertising and  Aol Email List  but without measuring it, which makes it much more difficult for them to know important details about the values ​​of each client and objectives achieved.5. Not integrating many group discount sites : This is something that we have seen in recent months and every day there are more, but the problem arises if we overload the user with offers and coupons, they will begin to discard them for the offers of the brands that already knows will buy6. SMEs should focus on video , mainly YouTube: Due to the overinformation in text, consumers will not be able to cover much more, so entering this channel will be a very good way out.7. Rely on crowdsourcing .With a little of everything, an SME will be very strengthened and with greater growth prospects for this year, which, as we mentioned at the beginning, is presented as the year of online marketing for small and medium-sized companies.

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