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SEO and UX how to reconcile strategies and create

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SEO and UX how to reconcile strategies and create

This is the goal of current marketing strategies but how did we get to the result we see in the market today first of all, you need to understand that search engines don’t just care about dull link building strategies. Today, they notice if your site offers a good user experience. In this way, the patterns of content consumption, as well as the interactivity and permanence of visitors, indicate the relevance of your pages to the search engine. Therefore, understanding your audience and thinking like them is the key to your website ranking success. Thus, it is necessary to conquer people to dominate google. But, do you know how to work seo and ux strategies efficiently? That’s what i propose to explain in this article.

Understanding the concepts

So if you have doubts about the subject follow the text and stay on top of all the details that will put your pages at the top of the Belarus Phone Number List searches. Understanding the concepts: what is seo and ux? In fact, these are terms that should be part of your routine. After all, they are the ones who will make you achieve the goal we defined earlier: conquering people. If you don’t understand how important they are to your company’s digital marketing, don’t worry. Today i will explain all the details . Thus, making your content and brand more visible.

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SEO and UX the union is strength

Through these measures the search engine’s artificial intelligence understands that your site deserves to be indexed and, based on its relevance and other metrics, to occupy the top of the serps. To implement quality seo strategies, you need to be based on technical criteria, such as: keyword optimization; number of links; friendly urls; scannability; between others. Ux contrary to what we see in seo, where we use techniques that please search engines, in ux we invest efforts to improve the user experience. As we saw earlier, the permanence of your visitor and, also, their level of interactivity, contribute to the success of your site. That’s what ux techniques and strategies are meant to do.

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