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SEO ❤ SEM: Advantages of doing a joint Keyword Research

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SEO ❤ SEM: Advantages of doing a joint Keyword Research

For months we have insisted on the idea of ​​carrying out a joint SEO-SEM strategy and all the benefits that it brings, today we will delve into the keyword research part and how to do it together multiplies the effectiveness of these areas.

But first, for the clueless, we will make a brief summary of the 4 basic pillars on which the strategy must be based.Content optimization: by working the content together from both channels, we can offer different messages to the user about the same keyword and thus expand the information shown in the SERPs. In addition, the reach of the content generated in organic is increased thanks to the coverage of paid content, which also helps to reduce CPCs. Technical optimization: with factors that are analyzed in the performance of a website such as loading speed, 404 errors … information can be provided to SEM and CACs cheaper.Reporting : if the SEO and SEM reports are integratedvia Data Studio with the unification of the Search Console and Adwords accounts, performance  Ukraine Phone Number List can be obtained from the keywords in both channels together.Keyword Research : doing keyword research together, the optimal keywords for both channels are defined based on search volume and difficulty. It is at this point that we will focus today and develop it in depth.Before listing the list of points to do a study of keywords, we must specify that the first and most essential step is to put ourselves in the shoes of the user , and this often happens to us, making a buyer person will help us a lot for this He passed.We must empathize and think like the end user, and not like ourselves, which in addition to finding the correct keywords, will help us in the categorization and definition of the user’s intention, which we will talk about later.List of words : the final objective is to obtain the widest possible list of user searches related to our products and / or services, which will serve both for the generation of content and focus the web as much as possible on the user and for the definition of campaigns to carry out in SEM. For this, we can help ourselves with tools such as Semrush, Ubersuggest … But our favorite is the Google keyword planner. Even with the end user hat you don’t know where to start, we leave you some ideas below:
Domain of the web: if we have to do a keyword research of an already published and visible web, we can analyze the domain in the keyword planner. In this way, we will have the list of keywords that are being optimized right now on the web, which is obviously not the definitive one, but a small approximation and that can open our minds and define where we should start.Competitor study : either to complete the list of keywords that our domain returned or because our client’s website is not published yet or has hardly any optimized content, we can resort to analyzing the competitor’s domains to get more ideas from the word groups to analyze.

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From short to long tail : another idea is to choose from 5 to 15 main keywords and enter them in the planner, in this way it will return the complete list of keywords related to search volume. Try to extract from the most generic keywords, such as “desk”, to the more specific keywords such as “desk with 4 legs and 2 drawers”, the latter, as a general rule, are keywords with much lower volume of searches but much more related with the user’s search idea, therefore, more focused on the conversion or the KPIs that are analyzed. Main questions: another idea is to define the list of questions that users ask about our products and / or services. To do this, we can use the Answer The Public tool .Categorization by product or service : once we have the complete list of keywords, which if we have done it with the keyword planner, it will be accompanied by the global search volume, competition, monthly searches …The categorization of searches will be one of the most important steps important, since it will determine a web architecture strategy, content optimization, blog articles, Google campaigns, CPCs, product sheet optimization … The main categorization is based on the products or services on the web but it can be keep digging into the categorization until you want one 🙂
Categorization by intention : the intention of the user when carrying out a search is very important since it defines how we should approach our website and our contents. We can perform a first categorization by intention based on:

Categorization according to use : the keywords that are focused on the web and the blog are not the same, which are keywords of related content and not so directly related to the product and / or service, or those searches with an informative intention or resolution of Doubts.Average CPCs by category : by downloading the “low range” and “high range” data, the average cpc can be calculated by category groups and estimated investments according to impression share.How Google displays my keywords : We know that more and more the trend of Google is to personalize search results and show more information in the SERPs with featured snippets. It is important that we do not leave this information aside and take out the list of which featured fragments are shown for the categorization done, in this way we can focus the creation of content on it.Seasonality : we must not forget to remove seasonality by categories and even subcategories, in this way we will be clear not only how, but also when to publish content on the blog and an extra help for planning campaigns.EYE! What is there to see YoY ( year over year ) and get  Aol Email List  from 24 months to compare seasonality year by year, and it is that many times there are external agents that influence searches in a specific year , what better example than the situation we are facing living right now with Covid-19.With all these steps, we will have a joint keyword research as complete as possible and with the most information available in a single document, in addition to the fact that both channels are aligned and hand in hand with which keywords to use at each moment, so the decision is made decisions will be much easier and always focused on the interests of the client.And if you have problems with the integration of both areas and unifying strategies, do not hesitate to contact us, we are the seo agency sem you are looking for

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