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SEM: How to manage the brand keyword war with the competition

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SEM: How to manage the brand keyword war with the competition

One of the main problems that most concern those of you who have paid campaigns on Google or other search engines is that your competitors start showing their ads when users search for your brand. Or, even worse, to use it in your own ads.

And is that this strategy is one of the most widespread, regardless of the sector. The reasoning of a brand to bid for yours is clear: by going out in these searches it is very possible that they are reaching their target audience, which in turn is yours – for something you are competitors-, and, incidentally, “stealing” potential clients . Beyond entering into ethical debates about whether it is something that should be done or not, if your Norway Phone Number List is suffering this type of attack from competitors, surely:You have also had to bid for your own brand . If you were not doing it already, which has its benefits, your competitors will be pushing your organic result to secondary positions within the search results, with the possible decrease in traffic (and therefore potential sales) that that entails. Increase in the cost per click : related to the above, if you were bidding for your own brand and you see that competitors start to appear, you will notice an increase in the cost of each click, since it costs more to maintain the first position. And this can become a serious problem. As your competitors will many times try to win your position and Google Ads usually penalizes the use of words from other brands with low quality levels, one of the points against which they find will be the need to use quite high bids. To download them, one of the keys is to improve the affinity of the ad with the keyword . Thus, Google raises the quality level of those keywords and you do not need to pay as much to obtain the same results. And how do they do it? Using your brand in advertisements. Many of you advertisers are surprised when this happens. Mainly for two reasons: You have your registered trademark and you believe that it is enough to prevent its use. Well, neither one thing nor the other. But don’t worry, there are several solutions. How to prevent competitors from using your brand in their SEM ads?

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We start on the basis that your brand is registered, because if it is not – what are you waiting for? – You don’t have much to do. You have two options:
1. The first option that we recommend, because it is rational and because it is usually the fastest, is that you get in touch directly with your competitors. You can enter the war of ” I bid for you, you bid for me and may the best win ” where Google is usually the one that wins the most -ether and higher costs per click-, or speak and agree not to bid on your respective brands .Remember that checking if the agreement you reach is being fulfilled is quite simple: with a search or, ideally, through the auction comparison report of your brand campaigns on the Google Ads platform itself, you will see it.2. Claim the ads. For this Google has enabled a form of five steps that mustfilled. Although it is quite simple to cover, we leave you here the three main questions that you usually ask us. In the help you can find more detailed information.Who can cover it? The owner . A legal representative who appears in the trademark registries. A representative from the headquarters of the parent company. If this is not the case, you could also do it, although it is a much more laborious process. Who do I want the claim to affect? One of the key points of this form is section 3, “Scope”, where you have to specify if your claim affects all advertisers or specific advertisers . Keep in mind that you can give third parties permission to use your brand , so be careful when covering this point or their ads could be affected.

With these indications the rest will be sewing and singing. Once the form is sent, you will receive an automatic email from Google confirming that your claim has been received. Once they have the result of the investigation, they will inform you again to the same email that you have left as a contact. The best defense, a good attack. It is clear that having direct competition in your sights is a smart move to understand where the market in which our product is moving, trends, news and much more is evolving. However, as we have explained before, it is one thing to analyze your competition and quite another to enter a direct war with them . In case this happens, in addition to carrying out the relevant procedures, we recommend that you do the reverse exercise: what is this competitor doing in paid media ? And in organic traffic? Perhaps you will discover that it does not have a presence in the entire paid media channel and you will find a new niche to explore, such as Facebook Ads, Spotify Ads, TikTok Ass … and an infinite list of different alternatives where you can gain ground. But before opening new avenues of investment in media , you must understand that when a user begins a brand search in the SERPs it is because their customer purchase journey has already started much earlier , and they already know you.From a strategic point of view, you should analyze at the sales level how those users have reached that last conversion element and understand how all channels contribute and to what extent (we were talking about the Markov reporting model not so long ago that it focused on ). If we find a pattern of the conversion of brand searches in synergy with another channel, we can surely optimize this much more efficiently and channel the sale to another point that does not conflict with other brands. In addition to this exercise, it is also convenient to reinforce your brand positioning by exploiting your differentials in this kind of ads: from the text and the CTA to the content of the landing. Reinforce the competitive message of why your product is the best option compared to other competitors. The truth is that the management and optimization of SEM campaigns always has problems for which a fully automated process, at the moment, has no answer, since the field of digital marketing is a holistic medium in which only one face of the prism when tackling problems. A case like this one, relatively simple to solve – like many, as long as you know how – can greatly alter the results and is not solved with algorithms or artificial intelligence, but with a head. And, for that reason, at Elogia – as a digital Aol Email List partner agency – we believe in a process of monitoring and optimizing SEM campaigns.in which yes, automation is present, but where people continue to play a fundamental role even beyond the operational part.

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